Intricacies of nursing

Communication and attitudes hold for a clear trouble free relationship, nurses with sullen expressions lead to the fact of discomfort for the patient. A patient is one who is compromised of some bodily or mental capacity, therefore a pleasant demeanor and personality is what lightens up his dreary world. Cool and calm bedside manner coupled with humor can work wonders for a patient feeling down. Sometimes the fact that a patient opens up with difficulty, can be remedied by the fact that the nurse is ready to take the time out to get to the patient slowly and pleasantly.

Even though her advances are met with sullenness, she must plough on with calming pleasantries; at some point the patient will realize that his behavior is just plain obnoxious Nursing has recently undergone a global change where the importance of nursing has been realized by more and more people and therefore it does not come as a surprise that over 85% of all current nursing theories were brought forth within the last two decades.

Not only this, but nursing schools and institutes have begun encouraging their nurse students to come up with their own definitions to the word “Nursing” and to think out the responsibilities that the profession entails and realize them as part of their training and practice. Many critics are of the opinion that the vastness in the variety of definitions for nursing can play a negative role for the profession however others are of the opinion that nursing has in fact only recently attained its true acceptance and significance in the international society and it is therefore going through rapid evolution to catch up advanced times.

Several Nursing models have been formulated and are used worldwide. These models consist are of a conceptual nature in order to help those who have entered the profession a stable ground to build their knowledge upon. They are used to assist nurses in planning, assessing, incorporating and executing their day to day tasks while being uniform and careful (Cardillo, 2001). Rogerian Science of Nursing dictates that the fundamental unit of all living and non-living elements is energy fields. The science recognizes two key fields, namely the living human field and the environmental field.

These energy fields are considered to have no limits and no boundaries as they undergo continuous change in their shape and form. Hence they are considered to have behavior somewhat similar to that of a cloud which does not have any exact limit or boundary and continuously changes shape into increasingly varying appearances. According to Rogers, a high frequency in these cloud-like energy fields is an indicator of health and vitality. Many believe that if one wishes, one can intentionally participate in the unique mutual human environmental fields to increase this degree of wellness for other humans as well as for their own selves.

Hence, community turns into a form of an extension for the science of nursing but it also shows that the community does not represent a locality or a location or a group of people. It is in fact the community of man that dwells upon the earth and constitutes the universe. Needless to say, the element of vulnerability will take root in certain places from time to time in this enormous community and this trail of events more than often leads to the loss of the required energy needed. This is an adverse aspect because the very concept of the community revolves around the concept of sharing.

Whenever one comes up with a thought, the thought is shared and the thought evolves until it finally reaches a form where it is useful to the human community. Similarly, the field of nursing and Rogerian nursing in particular is one that deals with the human community as a whole and allows us to understand how this community can be healed in the most human of fashions when it requires healing (Tuyn & Gueldner, 2006). In order to gain a better understanding of Rogers and why her contributions to the intricacies of nursing, are of the most productive of them all, a few of Rogers’ concepts and ideas in the coming paragraphs shall be examined.

Intimacy is basically the factor that corresponds to nurse patient, relations. This closeness does not relate to sexual intimacy but streamlines from the fact that the nurse performs duties for the patient that require closeness and understanding. These may include …

In order to gain a better understanding of Rogers and why her contributions to the intricacies of nursing, are of the most productive of them all, a few of Rogers’ concepts and ideas in the coming paragraphs shall be examined. …

Only through the understanding of examples can the power to understand and explain be derived. Now the next question that the situation poses is to determine what exactly the form of inquiry that can be exercised is. The question has …

My pursuit of the medical field is a resumption of my interest in the world of science. Thus, among the medically associated courses, I specifically opted for nursing. At a very tender age, my desire for this career path was …

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