Nursing and Nurse Practitioner

My all time career goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner. I will have a lot of hoops to Jump through in order to get there but I am determine to achieve my goal so I no I will Succeed in this process. Currently I am working as an LPN at a long term care facility which I enjoy very much I attended almost 2 years of school to be able to sit for my license board for my LPN It was not easy at all I had a lot of long nights studying and early clinical mornings I first started out in a computer class to make sure I had general computer knowledge. Then I currently moved to pharmacology and my basic nursing classes.

Each class was A month long and focused solely on that specific class. After 6 months of nursing classes I currently moved on to my clinical piece of nursing School. Which were sometimes all day and night. We had to pass each portion of our Clinical rotation in order to be able to move on to the next clinical.

It was not easy but I made it through my clinical rotation, it took a lot of focusing on my certain tasks but I took my time and proceeded to pass all subjects, after my clinical portion was complete I had to take an exit exam so I was able to sit for my boards, I studied days and nights and It paid off I passed my exit exam and was able to sit for my state boards.

I took them And passed on my first try, I received my license and been practicing for the last two years. Currently I am at U. C Raymond Walters College taking my necessary pre-reqs so I can Get into the LPN-RN bridge program they offer. I will have to take a year almost Of my pre-req classes in order to qualify for the program, I have to take several Math classes, English comp 1,2,3 I have to take bio-organic chemistry, global Community, anatomy 1,2,3 I will have to take pharmacology, pediatrics, med surge.

And my year of clinical so I am ready to take my exit exam in order to sit for my RN Exam. Once I take my RN exam and pass that I will be able to get accepted into the Bachelors program, to complete that program I will gave a lot of papers to complete On history as well as the clinical aspects of nursing, I will have to do a few week Internship In order for me to qualify to be able to receive my bachelors. It will Take about a year for Me to receive my bachelors from my associates degree give or take a little more or little Less time.

After that is complete I will move onto my process of being accepted to The masters program. Once I am officially accepted into my masters program I will have Almost a year of classes such as advanced pediatrics, advanced acute care, advanced Family practice, advanced women’s health and a basic nurse practitioner course, also Primary care on the adults and the aged.

My instructor will have to make sure I pass Every course with a 3. 5 or better GPA in order for me to pass the program. I will Have several hands on clinicals with live patients as well as dummies. I will also have Several research papers I will have to do in order to complete my program . This process Will take quite a few years to complete, considering I am doing this process in a step By step manner.

But I like to learn all aspects of this field and what the limits of practice Are for each title, I would also like to learn the acute care versus the trauma care, Surgical care, pediatrics care, and OB care before I move into the full blown Nurse practitioner care when I am not working fully one on one with a certain patient At all times, that is why I want to take this process slow and learn all aspects before I focus solely on one thing. And that is what it will take me to receive my all time goal Of a Nurse Practitioner.

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