Nuclear Technology

“Nuclear Technology is the leading international publication reporting on new information in all areas of the practical application of nuclear science. ” (American Nuclear Society) Today, nuclear technology is used for a variety of reasons that include weapons, medicine, food and agriculture, smoke detectors, and environmental protection. However, many people see nuclear technology as a destruction that could eventually kill us all. In addition, people believe that if scientists keep developing and advancing nuclear technologies, that this destruction is inevitable.

This is simply not true; Americans use nuclear technology in everyday life, and it has definitely done more good then harm. In fact, without nuclear technology, Americans we be put in higher risk in many aspects of life. Therefore, nuclear technology helped people in a variety of ways, and is certainly not leading to an evitable destruction. In 1864 Charles Darwin developed the idea of “survival of the fittest”. It was created as an alternative to natural selection and stated that the animals that are most fit for a particular environment will survive over the rest.

In many ways, people act upon this theory. For instance, nuclear technology has allowed us to be more ‘fit’ for the environment. If there is one thing in this world that is inevitable it would have to be war. Since the beginning of team, countries have fought over land, money, power, etc. The creation of nuclear technology has not only protected us in war, but it has prevented more war from happening. Since America has the technology and intelligence to create such technology, many countries are afraid of America.

In addition, other powerful countries have become America’s ally. The reason why America has became so powerful, and has created the “American Dream” for so many people, is simply because it is more fit then other countries. Hence, why some countries do not last, or fall into a third world status. Nuclear technology has allowed The Untied States to be more fit compared to other countries, and has protected the individuals that live here. Another reason why the creation of nuclear technology has done more good then harm is because of medical reasons.

In many ways, nuclear technology has saved millions of lives. Nuclear technology in the medical field has allowed doctors to use radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The major reason why people are able to survive the misery of cancer is because of this technology. For example, cancer is much more treatable when found early in the body. Nuclear technology has allowed people to detect cancer earlier then ever before. In addition, radioactive substances are used in the treatment of cancer.

Radiation therapy is used to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells in human beings. In many cases, radiation therapy is the one thing that stands in the middle of life and death. Nuclear technology is also used in the production of food and agriculture. “By irradiation, scientists can accelerate natural spontaneous mutation and improve crop varieties to suit particular conditions. ” (International Atomic Energy Agency) The population keeps growing, thus, so is the demand for food.

Not only is it hard to produce the amount of food needed to feed the population, it can also be difficult to protect the food and keep it safe enough for consumption. Nuclear technology has given scientists the ability to make all of these things happen. In addition, farmer also benefit from the advancements of nuclear technology. They are producing more food then ever possible, which leads to higher crop sales and less work to be done. Nuclear technology is not only a way to keep food safe, and provide plenty of it, but it also is helping the economy.

Many people do not even realize it, however, nuclear technology is used everyday, in common household items. The most common item that uses radioisotopes to operate are smoke detectors. “These contain a small amount of americium-241 which is a decay product of plutonium-241 originating in nuclear reactors. ” (World Nuclear Association) Smoke detectors can be triggers by the smoke entering into the device, and then it absorbed the alpha particles, disturbing the original current. When the current is disrupted, the alarm sets off.

Not only are smoke detectors life saving, but in many states, they are required by law to be installed in the purchase of a home. Smoke detectors are just another example of how nuclear technology can save the life of an individual. The intelligence and advancements behind the creation of nuclear technology is very similar to religion. In fact, many people argue against nuclear technology because of their religion. People either believe in nuclear technology, and believe it can better the lives of Americans, or they believe it will destroy them.

Christianity is among some of the religions that oppose nuclear technology, claiming that it causes destruction to human life and will poison the earth. However, it is hard to debate that nuclear technology is causing such destruction, when in reality; it is saving millions of lives. Non-believers can argue the many side effects that nuclear technology brings to society, however, it is also causing a lot of good in society. In conclusion, the creation of nuclear technology will not eventually bring American to our death, and the destruction of earth because of nuclear technology is anything but inevitable.

Nuclear technology, like many things in the world can and will be a dangerous thing if not handled properly. Even though it can be a solution to many of the world’s problems, scientists must take into consideration the side effects to it. Nuclear technology has provided individuals with protection against war and terror, a possible cure to diseases such as cancer, protection in our own homes, and has put food on kitchen tables. However, scientists must remember to not take these luxuries for granted, and use the creation of nuclear technology with a great deal of care.

Abstract In this paper I will explain and describe how nuclear medicine uniquely provides information about both the structure and function of virtually every major organ system within the body. It is this ability to characterize and quantify physiologic function …

Abstract In this paper I will explain and describe how nuclear medicine uniquely provides information about both the structure and function of virtually every major organ system within the body. It is this ability to characterize and quantify physiologic function …

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