Natural death

In the campaigns directed on rehabilitating natural fur, which the increasing number of people rejects because of compassion to animals, it was spoken, that this kind of a material is safe for an environment. However, as have shown by numerous checks, it is radically incorrect. In particular, committees under advertising standards in England, Denmark, Holland, Italy and Finland have decided the following: any advertising declaring, that the fur is safe for ecology, confuses the consumer.

As well as at any other industrial animal husbandry, in fur farming the huge amount of waste products is formed, and all this concentrates on a small site. The amount of waste products made by fur animals, according to the data of ecologist Mauro Leivi, in Finland, where there are 65 % of all farms on cultivation of foxes, equal to amount of waste products of one million persons! (Tyson) Annually for experiments in the cosmetic industry about 40. 000 animals is perished.

(ASPCA) Manufacturers of cosmetics assert, that testing on animals harmless and almost without serious consequences for animals. However there is “a test for toxicity”. In this experiment certain quantity of animals is tormented, until half of them will not be dead. Mammals, that is dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, mice and so forth are used. The tested preparation injecting in a cavity of a stomach, a vein, muscles or is entering in a stomach. Also inhalation is used. Spasms, paralyses and asthmatic fits occurring as a result, are observed and carefully recorded.

Frequently it lasts for a long time while half of tested animals will not be dead. As the basis for such experiences serves the desire to protect the consumer from unpleasant consequences for health. But it is the extremely disputable, whether results of tests for animals be transferred on people as the leather of animals differs on a structure from a skin of the human and the set of enzymes in a digestive system of animals differs from human. (Ryder) Unfortunately, experimental animals are used during educational process.

Though the majority of graduates from biological faculties will never work with animals, they are forced to dissect animals or to conduct painful experiments above them. During training students become indifferent to questions of the personal responsibility and respect for all alive, equate animals to disposable tools. Now grows and develops the world movement for high-quality humanity education in biological, medical and veterinary high schools. Students and teachers use computer programs, mathematical models, videofilms, observe alive animals, treat patients, operate on corpses of the animals died with natural death.

Experience of alternative education, practicing in Sweden, England and Italy, proves, that students perfectly graduate institutes, not bringing sufferings to animals (Hepner). Though some children dream to become circus performers, for all circus animals the limit of dreams – to run away from this prison. Behind all gloss of performance it is very difficult to believe that circus animals – no more than slaves which forced to carry out unnatural, often painful tricks.

Circuses quickly would lose popularity if the public knows about conditions in what animals are keeping, and what occurs with them after the end of “circus career”. If circus suffers from difficult financial problems, it saves first of all on conditions of the animals keeping. The majority of circus animals spend the life in small cages. They are in them during transportation, and freed from cages only for the period of performance. Physical punishments are a standard method of training.

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