Muscular endurance

The main area where Suzy’s lack of muscular endurance was seen was during pullbacks and other steps where a pick-up on one foot was needed; this was because she couldn’t jump high enough to produce all sounds for a sustained amount of time. To get Suzy used to using these muscles for longer periods, she will jump with one foot in front of the other and, when in the air, stretch her knees with pointed toes for 11/2 minutes without pausing.

To progress this and make it more specific to tap, she would add pickups as she jumps; as the foot leaves the floor, it will back tap off the heels. This can gradually be built up the back tap off the toes as shown: This should be repeated on both feet and should be practised for gradually increasing amounts of time; add 5 more pullbacks each time. Posture/Balance To improve balance, an exercise Suzy can practise would be to rise up onto demi-pointe and place the other foot behind a few centimetres off the floor, aiming to hold it there for a whole minute. Once this target is reached, she should try tapping the back foot every few seconds and again, hold it for a minute. To develop this further, she could try shuffling the back foot instead (demonstrated below).

As a final progression, she should attempt to hop on the front foot between shuffles, meaning she will have to reposition and concentrate on her weight transference every time she lands on her toes. As Suzy will have as adjust her weight in order to be able to balance in this position, her posture will gradually improve. As she repeats this and starts to concentrate on other movements whilst in this stance, this posture will begin to feel more natural and she will be able to use it to maintain balance in other steps and exercises.Playing in centre midfield, you need to able to pass accurately and at the correct time and I think passing is one of my strongest abilities.

As a centre midfielder I get a lot of the ball and I often pass to pick out other team mates. I think my passing is strong because I rarely give the ball away and by using match analysis I can see that my average pass success rate is around 82%. By being good at passing, it allows me to pick out teammates wherever they are on the field helping me hugely especially if I’m in trouble and about to get tackled. As well as this, it helps me set up goals and create opportunities for my team, which my 15 assists this season shows. In a match I use a range of shorter and longer passes depending which is needed overall helping me perform well.

As I have identified, heading is also another of my strengths. Heading in games helps me massively both in attack and defence. When we have a goal kick or free kick my teammates rely on me to flick the ball on and win possession. In attack, I also go up for corners and try to score a header at every opportunity. So far I have scored 3 headers this season and by using match analysis I can see I win an average of 10 headers per match. Headers also have a positive effect on the defensive side of my performance. I often come back to help my team defend corners and free kicks by heading the ball clear. By combining my headers with man marking, when the opposition have a set piece, I often get my head to the ball first clearing it effectively helping my team enormously.

I believe shooting is another of my strengths in football. I think my shots are accurate and have descent power behind them helping me beat the keeper and score plenty of goals. Whenever I have an opportunity to shoot, 9 times out of 10 I will. This has helped me get 6 goals so far this season, 2 of them being from outside the box. When I am in possession near the opposition goal, I am often encouraged to shoot by my coach and spectators as I have a strong shot so this also shows me shooting is one of the strong parts of my game. The coach encourages me to shoot by shouting at me during games and telling me to do so. He also tells me before games to shoot at every opportunity so I know in games I must do so. Spectators also shout “shoot” encouraging me to have a go at goal when possible.

Finally I have identified my first touch being a strength as well. I know this because by using match analysis I can see that almost every time the ball is in the air and falling in my direction, I get it under control instantly. This helps me and my team as we win possession of the ball and this helps us create opportunities to score. When the ball is passed to me, I can also turn and get past a defender effectively because of the quality of my touch. My first touch usually plays the ball behind or to the side of the defender, giving me an advantage when attacking. I am sometimes told to play up front by my coach in the later stages of a game, if we are losing because I have the ability turn a defender and have a go at goal with just two touches. One to turn and one to shoot. This has helped me create chances for myself this season and my goal tally shows exactly that.

In football, the skills that are my weaknesses are: tackling, set pieces, dribbling and crossing. I think my tackling is one of my weaknesses in football. This lets me down on the defensive side of my game when we are not …

Another weakness of mine was dribbling. To improve this I suggest a practise called “markers.” Two players are needed one to attack and one to defend. The game is played inside of the penalty area and the aim is to …

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The fitness components that are my strengths are: cardio-vascular endurance, timing, co-ordination and speed. By having good cardio-vascular endurance, it allows me to perform at the best of my ability for the full 90 minutes as I don’t tire. This also …

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