MUN Resolution

Realizing the importance of international collaboration on solving to contain the outbreak of the Ebola affected countries, especially in West Africa Acknowledges all the effort all nations has made to eliminate Ebola cases Noting with concerns the negative effects of the spread of Ebola to Western Africa.

1.Recommends NGOs to establish at least one medical team in every affected village, the medical team should include international volunteers, medical workers and translators that will act on the following in ways such as but not limited to a. Weekly visiting to spread the newest information regarding to the issue of Ebola.

b. Examining the environment on the following area

i. Waste dispose

ii. Personal hygiene

iii. Ebola symptoms

c. Keeping in track on the health condition of people living in affected village

d. Paying attention to the diet of villagers in infected areas, making sure they

are not eating potentially dangerous food

e. Regular checking on animals, especially bat, to monitor Ebola spread among animals

f. Developing a friendly relationship between locals and health workers to eliminate discrimination between the infected and uninfected Ebola citizens

2.Urges UN to establish Ebola Emergency Fund in collaboration with the World

Bank, International Monetary Fund and other related banks to assist Ebola infected area that will act on in ways such as but not limited to

a. Educating civilian about the importance of good personal hygiene through schools and local community centers by providing the following examples

i. Wearing masks

ii. Decrease the amount of times on skin or fluid interaction

iii. Make sure foods are well cooked before eating it

b. Collecting different types of donations in ways such as but not limited to

i. Clean drinking water

ii. Medicine

iii. Medical equipment

iv. Cleaning equipment

c. Providing financial assistance

d. Spreading the newest information within and outside of the Ebola infected area though ways such as but not limited to

i. Educational talk

ii. Radio broadcast

iii. TV

iv. Public announcement

v. Social Media

e. Advancing the Ebola treatment centers that are highly functional in ways such as but not limited to

i. Appropriate amount of bed places in the treatment centers

ii. Adequate number of international workers, volunteers and translators

iii. Sufficient amount of isolation units in the treatment centers

f. Establishing children center to support and take care of the Ebola victim’s children in ways such as but not limited to

i. Schooling

ii. Mental support

iii. Social area

iv. Basic necessities such as but not limited to

1. Food

2. Clothes

3. Books

3.Encourage all member states and other related NGOs to collaborate with the Ebola

Emergency fund that will act on the following but not limited to:

a. Inventing affordable vaccine

b. Monthly meeting among infected countries, WHO specialist and medical

team to discuss the following but not limited to

i. Newly reported or infected area within the country

ii. Needed resources and services

iii. Establishment for Ebola

iv. Potential infected area

c. Establishing effective prevention among the border including airport in ways such as but not limited to

i. Screening test

ii. Health center with professional medical workers

iii. Survey about people’s health condition before they enter the country

d. Sharing information among all parties which includes on the following such as but not limited to

i. Essential data regarding to the infection rates and the spreading trend within and outside of the country

ii. Experience on curing Ebola victims

iii. Practices on preventing the spread of Ebola

4. Recommend all affected nations and MDCs to provide assistance toward victims’

family in ways such as but not limited to

a. Education for victim’s children from the assistance from UNICEF on

the following areas but not limited to

i. Medical science

ii. English

iii. Social Studies

b. Mental health care for the victim’s family members

c. Financial aids

d. Monthly physical health check for the victim’ family members

e. Regular report for the victim’s family members about the current

health condition of the Ebola infected victim

5.Suggest all affected nations to take serious response on the Ebola survivor to

ensure their health and social condition in ways such as but not limited to

a. Employment in ways such as but not limited to

i. Farming

ii. Public hygiene infrastructural works

b. Regular follow up on their health status

c. Mental support toward their social relationship among others

d.Support group for all Ebola survivors.

Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (Ebola HF) is a harsh, and deadly Viral Hemorrhagic virus found in primates including humans. The actual source of Ebola is unknown but some scientists say it is from a type of fruit bats. Currently there is …

Ebola is an infec? ous and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body “uids by a #lovirus (Ebola virus), whose normal host species is unknown. Ebola has now infected about 9,000 …

The origin has been traced to a two-year-old child from the village of Gueckedou in south-eastern Guinea, an area where batmeat is frequently hunted and eaten. The infant, dubbed Child Zero, died on 6 December 2013. The child’s family stated …

The Ebola Virus is a very dangerous virus. It causes a hemorrhagic fever called Ebola virus disease. ‘Hemorrhagic’ means that the victim infected with the virus bleeds both internally and externally. Out of every 10 people who get the virus, …

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