Missing body function

We all know that each of our body parts, even the one that plays the smallest role, is vital to keep us alive and well. Each body part may not perform at its optimal best if one part is missing, for all of them are simultaneously working in even the slightest movement that we produce. Hence, people who have handicaps, people who suffer from a loss of an appendage or eyesight or even hearing, go through rehabilitation. In their rehabilitation, their bodies are taught on how to accommodate the missing body part or missing body function, and eventually they will be able to adapt to their new condition.

However, the world does not seem to care as much as it should. In my experience as a handicap shopping in the mall and doing what non-handicap people are doing, I was very disappointed. The day started like any other, and the weather was particularly behaving well and playing along with the social experiment that we were doing. Unfortunately, the problem began when we were entering the car. Most automobiles do not have easily detachable car seats and thus one has to be carried by a strong individual so that he or she can be placed in the car seat.

The problem with this is the need to have a companion that can carry me, a handicap, every time I travel by car. Unless I plan to roll my wheelchair all the way to my destination and get exhausted, I will have to have someone who can carry me to sit on the car. Once we were able to reach the mall, there is a parking space allotment for handicaps, which provided a larger area. I deem that this was important so that there will be enough space for the wheelchair to be brought out and rolled into the mall. In addition, the parking space for the handicaps was located nearer the mall, so there is less traveling.

Once inside the mall, it was a breeze going through the hallways because people make way for the wheelchair. However, shopping for clothes was another disaster. The aisles among the clothes’ rack were sometimes not big enough to accommodate the wheelchair, some stacks were relatively high, and I needed more assistance while choosing. After having chosen some clothes, I wanted to try them out in the fitting room, which was another problem. The fitting room was not big enough to have room for the wheelchair, so I needed someone to carry me and bring a chair inside the fitting room so that I can fit the clothes.

In changing clothes, I also needed help. Some handicaps are not able to move their legs and they would need help in order to change these clothes. A restroom is friendlier than the fitting room. A special cubicle is meant only for the handicapped people using wheelchairs. Everything is reachable from a chair, there are sinks and faucets at the level of the wheelchair, and it was not hard to reach. Eating in the food court was also a breeze compared to shopping for clothes. The dining area is large enough to make room for the wheelchair. The tables also have enough room for the wheelchair to maneuver into position.

During the role-playing of being a handicap, people were looking down on me because they were standing up and were relatively taller compared to my height sitting down. It was hard feeling as if people were looking down on you and pitying you because of your condition. However, some of the others were friendly enough to make way for me in entering the elevators and in entering the restrooms. At times, I wanted to stand up and be independent from the help of my friend. Moreover, sometimes my hand hurt from all the steering, because a lot of force is needed to carry both my own weight and the weight of the wheelchair.

I did not prepare for this; hence, my hands developed blisters. I would recommend that handicaps should not travel alone, because based on my experience, I would need help getting lifted when there were no ramps available and also, when getting in and out of the car. My hands and my arms got tired after rolling the wheels and I needed someone else to push me. However, if someone will do some changes about the mall or wheelchair design, then handicaps may be able to function independently. In the wheelchair design, it would be more comfortable if the seats were cushioned with a thicker chair.

It was hard sitting most of the time and it would be a big help if the seat were more comfortable. In rolling the wheelchair, it would be easier if it were powered like a car, instead of having to push it. It was tedious and hard work, and unless someone is volunteering to push the handicap all day long, then it is not very practical. The mall corridors can also be more handicap friendly if it has handrails installed all through out the building. The handrails can be of help when the handicaps are tired of steering their wheels.

Larger fitting rooms and a wider aisle between the clothes rack would also be more handicap friendly, not to mention lowering some of them to accommodate the height of the wheelchair. These changes were mostly based on what I have experienced in one day. Albeit I am sure, a real handicap can provide better answers as for what changes in buildings and even in their own house are necessary to make living for them easier. For whatever reason did they acquire their handicap, they deserve a better life, just like the rest of us. If we were in their shoes, we would know.

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