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This paper will provide the reader with information about strategic planning and operations management, in pursuing a career as a director for material management department in the operating room at Memorial Hermann Hospital. A personal goal is in place to accomplish this dream; many will be taken in planning the best health solutions during relentlessly pursuing quality and value. As a future director of Memorial Hermann Hospital in the operating room, materials management department the strategic planning in place for this goal will be the value, purpose, vision, and objectives of an organization.

As a leader and making sure the staff understands the outcome of getting the instruments properly clean will prevent infection to the patient. Looking at every piece of the puzzle, it will provide surgeon satisfaction, and fewer errors. In making this happen the result will be health solutions with quality and value for the customer. The daily processes in the department is a strategic step for management, each employee will be responsible for carrying out the daily task given by the manager or team leader.

The team leader is also a vital person in the department because they follow through and make sure every step is complete. In the sterile processing area is the area to receive the instruments, sterilization area, packing area, and delivery. The proper paperwork follows the tray every step for example, the person who receives the instruments he or she initials. The next step is sterilization that employee initials, the next step is packing and the employee initials, the final step delivery of the instrument tray to the operating room, the final hand-off to the nurse in the OR room.

Each step is vital in reducing risk of infection because if the wrong tray or if there is a dirty instrument the paperwork is the tracking system to back track. Once a tray is open and the wrong instrument is in there the team leader can go back and track who made the error. This way management will hold employees responsible and corrective action will take place. Finances also become a factor when an error occurs because once the instruments enter the sterile field and if they have a dirty instrument with dry blood. The nurse or circulating nurse has to break down a sterile field and redo with a new tray.

The ultimate goal is for the health of those we serve through trusted partnerships with physicians, employees, and others to deliver the best possible health solutions while relentlessly pursuing quality and value (MH, 2013). In five years Memorial Hermann Hospital will have a positive review of 100% compliant in preventing infections in the operating room because standards were met in proper sterilization of instrumentation. Operations management is an area of business concerned with the production of goods and services; it involves ensuring that business operations are efficient in the daily running of the operating room.

One could think of operations management experiencing the heart of the organization because it deals with inputs and the outputs of goods and services. The supplies chain process at Memorial Hermann Hospital focuses on quality patient care. Experiencing the operations management process of the supply chain for the material management department and sterile processing department one of the first steps will be the raw materials used for example, gases, medication, and instruments.

Before a product can enter into the facility that particular company has to be approved. Johnson & Johnson would have to process an application by a credentialing process. Every vendor has to pay a fee and pass the criminal background check, once this is complete the vendor presents his or her product to one of our materials management personal and if he or she approve the product a meeting will be set up to demonstrate the product to nurses and surgeons.

The business practice for Memorial Hermann operating room involves a large scope of resources for example, in the instance of suppliers who would be the correct supplier to provide our needs. The material management department would have to research and compare other products and facilities. Each operation is unique to each project, creating one of a kind product, or services mad specifically to customer order. In the health care industry the inputs and outputs create the value perspective because when the value of the outputs is greater than the total of the value of inputs.

Research takes place in the products order for the operating room, the materials management department oversees this research on who will manufacture the instruments. Memorial Hermann Hospital searches for high quality products and high demand products requested by surgeons. In this process the material management personal has to take into consideration safety and to stay within budget. Also researching the quality of maintenance for the instruments, the manufacturer will have reports of high quality sterilization.

The distribution process is through the sterile processing department in the operating room, this department will clean and distribute out each piece of instrument. The trays are wrapped and ready for surgery, SPD is responsible in making sure each instrument is in the proper tray and sterile. Equipment is used daily such as washers, and autoclave machines. The employee is responsible for distributing the instruments nurse in the room. The case cart system has worked very well for SPD department errors have reduced.

The importance of proper instrumentation is a matter of life and death because when a patient is on the operating room table and the proper instrument is not in the surgical tray the patient is in danger. According to George Hermann, the nurse will need to verify all instruments are in place before starting the procedure. The outcome will be positive for the patient who is also a customer, the hospital performance is evaluated it becomes a win-win situation.

Hospital surveys will be sent in and everyone is happy in the department for meeting the monthly quota. In conclusion, operations management in the operating room at Memorial Hermann Hospital will deliver quality patient care by implementing these processes every day with the leadership team. Staff, doctors, vendors, and patients will build a successful future for Memorial Hermann Operating Room. References Memorial Hermann Hospital. (2013). Breakthroughs every day, Insite Retrieved from http://www. memorialhermann. org.

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