Merits Of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery dates back to 6 BC in India followed by an exodus of most British physicians having traveled there to see native methods working in Rhinoplasty which encouraged documented reports in a magazine by 1794. The modification of native instruments led to the first major cosmetic surgery in the western world by 1815 and continued use in WWI and II has led to its improvement to date. Statistics show that in the USA alone in 2006 up to 11million plastic surgeries were performed to enhance appearance.

Cosmetic surgery stands out as one of the most debated subjects when it comes to its advantages yet with painless and innovative ways like laser beam it forms the best alternative to face lifts and chemical peels. There risks that one faces when undergoing surgery but they are the same threats we face topple down when achieving the goals in our day to day lives and should not be cited as a basis of hindrance to leading a better life (Cronin et. al 2004). What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery can be defined as any operation or tissue transfer on various body parts aimed at reconstructing or repair of injured, lost, defective, malformed or burned body parts. It also involves the correction or improvement of aging tissue or disease infected skin to enhance physical appearance. The use of plastic here has no connection whatsoever with the plastic synthetic polymer but rather it is derived Greek word plastikos which means to shape or mold.

Cosmetic surgery’s physical benefits can be noticed immediately due to their obviousness to the eye, but the emotional benefits can be many times greater because they normally result in high self-esteem and can form a good therapy of better emotional wellbeing. The core component in most surgical procedures is all about the response or compatibility of living tissues to injuries where remodeling and other growth factors are pivotal for a successful surgery.

Advantages The two main forms of plastic surgery are reconstructive and cosmetic; with the former seeking to correct abnormal or deformed physical features by accepted codes or standards while the latter is done purely on aesthetic level without any trauma or actual deformity but basically to improve the client’s appearance features. Some of the advantages include;

According to Edward (2006) surgery easily gives solutions to difficulties that may be encountered living with deformed nose, bad face or burn marks and scarring on the skin and other marks that are unconformable with the beauty of nature as it deems fit to the patient or from the views of society. There those who argue that it is God who created you that way and that you need to stay in that image but what they forget is that they lack these deformities and none would be willing for a swap with you.

Besides there many things in life that we can achieve by the brains God gave as rather than living dissatisfied. Since plastic surgery helps one to achieve a desired look, it thus increases the confidence level and a more productive life. Surgery gives chance for people to add edge on their beauty like a face lift which forms a good venture for many big heroines and heroes (Robert, 2003). Plastic surgery in itself provides a lot of help in decreasing the effects of diseases or illnesses and age thus in real sense it gives as control of our life back to our hands.

It’s a believe among many doctors that the beauty of a person can be increased by plastic surgery, and is taken as a process of laying finishing touches to beautiful parts of God’s creation on the body. That plastic surgery has aided people like super stars and models achieve and complete impossible dreams go undisputed (Cronin, 2003). Surgery frees one from an unhappy or forced life by making him put claim on life’s best things by discovering a new and attractive self as a result develops self-respect.

Some argue that cosmetic surgery is risky yes, but they are the same risks that one meets when undergoing any surgery and they include anesthesia reaction , chance of infection or complications after surgery this should not hinder one from enjoying the benefits of plastic surgery. Conclusion Plastic surgery stands out as one of the major advances in medical science that has come in hand to help millions of people across the globe and should not be taken as something for the rich or those who want to make a name but rather as a means of achieving comfort in life like any other needs that we always yearn for collectively as society.

Studies assert that plastic surgery is becoming popular with procedures seeking society conformation standards and improving a patient’s looks like liposuction, breast augmentation and facelift. All that is needed is that one must be sure to get services from a plastic surgeon that is certified for any of the procedures to be undertaken otherwise there are immense physical and psychological benefits that result from plastic surgery than many anticipate in the negative sense as they always incline from the start. Work Cited Cohen, E. S. (2006). Atlas of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery.

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Plastic surgery is a special branch of surgery that deals with the medical correction of a person’s form and structure. The word plastic comes from the Greek word plastikos which means “to mold” or “to shape”. So, plastic surgery basically …

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