Measure a persons health

In this chapter you will learn that some indicators of physical health can be measured they can be measured in a lot of ways for example: Blood pressure can be measured, peak flow, body mass index, resting pulse, and recovery after exercise. Also you need to take into account a persons age, sex, and lifestyle. In fact there are many different ways in which you can measure a person’s health the most familiar way is a height and weight chart.

As soon a baby is born they are measured and weighted using a centile chart these access the growth and weight at which a young child or baby. The chart show if they are being feed well, and are not over or under weight. If a child is over or under weight health workers can keep a close eye on them. Babies are usually weight for the first 2 months then once a month for the next 10 months then every six months after the age of 1 year old.

On average a baby would triple its birth weight by the age of 1 while increasing its height by about 50% if a baby gets over weight a few days out or a simple change into there diet could correct the problem. Those charts are based on British white babies and do not include other ethnic minorities or black and Caribbean babies as these tend to be taller and heavier than white babies. While Asian babies tend to be smaller, and lighter.

As children reach a certain age they are then measured on height and weight charts for adults these are in most magazines which have a height and weight chart ratios; which show were a person is the right, height and weight for there age. They are found in 3 main forms the first being in a form of a chart it is important to be realistic bout theses charts as they are only an indication or someone’s weight. But some one who is small but does not do a lot of exercise might be heaver than someone who is fat because muscle weights more than fat. The other two forms take into account a persons frame size and gender. Someone fame size is a persons bone size and build. If someone is severely overweight range she or he is at risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and other conditions. They should speak to there family doctor. It is also important that they do not become obsessed with there weight; which can lead to serious eating disorder such as anorexia or nervosa.

A person who is slightly overweight is not a problem, but someone who is underweight is as they may have an illness which might be causing someone to lose weight. Blood pressure provides all the organs of your body with what they need to say alive and healthy. Blood pressure is the pressure which the blood exerts against the walls of the arteries. Normal blood pressure varies from person to person, but usually normal blood pressure but usually is anything up to 140/90. Blood pressure is normal lower in children. Blood pressure is used by an instrument called sphygmomanometer; it is made up of a rubber bag that is placed around the arm and inflates and measured the blood pressure. High blood pressure is called hypertension and is a major problem that needs treatment. The heart pumps blood around the body too forcefully.

Peak flow is another way in which you can measure your physical health can be measured using a peak flow meter. It is an instrument that measures the volume of air taken in by a person during each breath. The measurement is used to access the width of the air passage. The most common use of a peak flow measurements is to monitor the degree of bronchospasm in people who have a respiratory problems such as intermittent coughing or difficulty with breathing. It can help where they have developed asthma. To use a peak flow meter a person has to blow into a tube as hard as they can. This will move the pointer to a certain point. Exercise can make the lungs powerful and improves there ability to take in oxygen. Fitness suites in gyms and sport centre often employ peak flow. Monitoring peak flow helps asthmatic sufferers monitor changes and adjust the medication dose accordingly. Each person with asthma who uses a peck flow meter has a personal best reading if a reading is less than 80% of a personal best indicates they need action.

Body mass index is a good indicator of a person indicator of good health that measures the amount of fat in a persons body in relation to there height. Body mass index is more commonly referred to as BMI. It uses a person height in metres, and there weight in metres to assess a person health status. The calculation for BMI is: A health BMI is between 19 and 22 as these have the longest life span on people 25 and over. Resting pulse and recovery after exercise each time a heart beats it forces a quantity of blood around the body under pressure.

These beats cause a pulse, or shock waves, that travel along the wall of the arteries. This pulse can be felt in several parts of the body by placing to fingers on the front of the wrist and count how many beats in 10 seconds then times by 6. This will need to be done at least 3 times; then find out the average. On average a typical healthy pulse rate is between 60 – 80 beats per minutes. Pulse rate can be raised during exercise, by excitement, emotion, infection, blood or fluid loss and heart respiration disease. It is important to remember that as not two people are exactly the same; measurement of good health is only a general guide. When measuring a persons physical health it is necessary to take into account of his or her age, gender, culture, and any physical disability.

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