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My main area of interest is pediatric oncology nursing. Treating young children and adolescents is very important as they are the future generation. It is important to make sure that they are physically and emotionally fit to actively engage in various beneficial activities so that they can be positive influence on their others. Pediatric oncology is an exiting and rewarding field in nursing as nurses are taught to take care of children with tumors that sometimes develop into cancer.

Cancer is one of the present most fatal diseases because its cure is hard to come by and as each day passes, various forms of cancer develop. This is attributed to the environmental conditions children are exposed to and the kinds of food they eat. Cancer patients usually undergo a lot of pain and stressful conditions as they have to make decisions regarding their lives. If adults feel immeasurable levels of stress, one cannot begin to comprehend the pain children with cancer have to deal with.

The professional nurse is therefore supposed to be equipped with skills that will enable such children to receive the best care so that they can live normal lives like their peers. In mid twentieth century, cancer had emerged as a new research area and the major form of treating the condition was through surgery. The responsibilities of the nurses at this time were limited as they only dealt with taking care of the surgical patients and assisting their families cope with the situation (Branicki & Adem, 2009).

With the advancement in the treatment for cancer through chemotherapy and radiation, nurses wanted to be more involved in the care of the cancer patients. In the 1970’s in the U. S. the National Cancer Act enabled nurses to be engaged in the cancer program so that they could learn to reduce the incidence and the spread of the disease. Patients improved and the role of nurses was acknowledged in this area of study. Oncology nursing has developed over the years so as to address the needs of cancer patients in response to their care.

“Cancer has been recognized nationally and internationally as a chronic health disease and it is therefore necessary to sensitize people who perceive cancer differently (Eiser, 2004). ” Nurses are therefore taught how to care for the patients as well as their families. The role of nurses The roles of the nurses in oncology include acting as an educator by sensitizing the patient on what he/she will be expecting in relation to the treatment to be offered, their family and as well as the entire public.

Nurses engage diagnosing the children when they are admitted at the health centers. The professional nurses are not only found at the hospitals but they can also give home based care for their patients. “Nurses need to consult other practitioners in case they have difficulties and under take research to enhance their knowledge on cancer diseases by investigating researchable problems and treatments to enhance cancer care (Wilson, 2005). ” Oncology nursing thus encompasses education, counseling, and methods of screening plus the provision of proper health care.

The nurses also work together with other medical practitioners to ensure that proper care is given to the patients and help their parents and family cope with various difficulties in the course of the treatment. They will also advise the parents on ho they can get financial support to assist in the access of proper care for their children. On top of all of this, the nurses provide a good environment for administering health by adhering to the nursing ethical codes.

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