Management Problems in Health Care

There are many management problems in Health care. There are management problems in every organization, but health care sometimes have the biggest management problems of them all, because they are dealing with people lives. One of the problems a health care facility can come across is finance. If the patients have no way paying for their treatments than the facility would have to close their doors because they would have no way of paying their employees to keep their doors open to serve their patients.

For many patients trying to get good health care from a provider and good health care insurance is very difficult because they do not understand all of the policies. In these hard times many people cannot afford to get healthcare for themselves let along for their entire family. There’s so many health care insurance that are claiming to be the best, but when it comes pay for a procedure a patients got done they are very selective. When buying health insurance you has to make sure that you always read the fine prints.

Not everyone have the patience to read the fine prints of health care policies because there are so many. I always make sure I ask many questions and take advantage of the 30 days policy review so I can read and get all of the information that I need, and if there’s something that I don’t understand, I will call the representative or customer service and ask more questions. Managing health care is one of the hardest tasks someone will ever have to do in his or her lives if they are in the management position. The problem is that there is a rise and fall in managing health care in politic.

Rather if it is a small or a big health care organization, politic have a say in it because for years the managing health care has been a battle. This battle started in the 1920’s and extended throughout World War II. According to Gray, Virginia; Lowery, David; Godwin and Erik K “through the efforts of Henry J. Kaiser, managed care had, by the late 1960s, become the preferred option of many consumer advocates interested in a greater emphasis on preventive care, and it attracted favor in the 1970s with businesses interested in controlling health care costs.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) in the 1990’s started to get high on their cost, so this causes the consumers to complain about the high cost and how they chose their healthcare providers to their local politicians. When the politicians saw how much the managing of health care was getting out of hand, so they decided to step in. In the mid1990’s when the government stepped in gave the consumers more flexibility to choose their healthcare providers to help solve the problem. Just like every state has different laws, the same was applied to healthcare in every state.

Every state had different regulations on the managed care organizations, and according to Gray, Virginia; Lowery, David; Godwin and Erik K this also included “the establishment of new rights for consumers and the application of new limitations on providers. ” The quickest solution is to focus on standard-setting and the problem. In the pass and until now health care organizations are working trying to contain and maintain their costs. There are only a few costs that they can contain. State regulations monitor and control how many certain types of staff must be on hand for certain medical procedures.

Worldwide health care organizations are facing problems on a daily basic. Motivation is one of many management problems in health care organizations today. Health care organizations are working together to come up with ideas and strategies to make their organizations more successful and better for everyone to work in. Problem solving is an on going process in health care organizations, which have been bringing positive results for everyone working in the health care organizations. Motivating people that are working under management can be a difficult task at times.

Everyone is unique, no people are exactly the same and each person needs something different to become motivated and with that the challenge comes in for the managers, finding the right motivator for the right employee. Knowing and caring about the employees needs will help managers know what type of rewards to offer as a way to motivate their employees. The success of any organization, especially health care organizations solely depends on the skills of managers and how they present the work environment for their employees.

When employees are motivated they tend to be more satisfied with their jobs and will stay with the organization much longer as a result of their satisfaction. In the HMO case I thing the government was motivated by all of the complaints about the cost of their health care keep going up. Motivation can be a state of either feeling or thinking, or a combination of the two. For some individuals, motivation is more a matter of feeling than thinking, meanwhile for others the reverse is true Motivation is a state of feeling or thinking in which one is energized or aroused to perform a task or engage in a particular behavior.

This definition focuses on motivation as an emotional or cognitive state that is independent of action. This focus clearly distinguishes motivation from the performance of a task and its consequences. To motivate people I usually let them see the positive part and make them feel like as if they are a part of the solution. When some one feels as if they are a part of the solution, they will work harder to get the job done. Good management always plans ahead. They think about different ways to improve the company and help their employees.

If all organization motivates their employees to be honest and do the right thing, I think many things that are wrong with the health care system today would be much better. The reason that HMO was having so many problems was because they did not have a good management and the people who were in charge were thinking only about themselves and not the consumers. Life is full with lessons to learn and I think HMO has learned that lesson. If any organization wants to grow and have satisfied consumers, you have to have a good management.

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