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Introduction The purpose of the SWOT analysis is to define the internal and external factors that affect a company, in this case Jackson Park Hospital. It is composed of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, hence the acronym.

We took the time to directly analyze Jackson Park Hospital in order to determine some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that take place. We thought of strengths as advantages this hospital has, weaknesses as what the hospital could improve on, opportunities as situations in which the hospital could excel, and threats as competition from outside parties.

Strengths Some strengths we came up with for Jackson Park Hospital are things that the hospital has either already done well at, or has the chance to excel at. The strengths are as follows: Jackson Park Hospital already has a budget for the fast track system in their emergency department, registered nurses do the triage meaning patients are seen by more than just a doctor. Patients are given written instructions when discharged; there is 24/7-hour emergency room care with a full time attending physician, nurses, residence physicians, and medical students.

Lastly, Jackson Park has a partial hospitalization program that is designed for patients who need impatient care but not 24/7-hour surveillance. Weaknesses Weaknesses are factors, which internally inhibit the efforts of the hospital. The weaknesses we came up with for Jackson Park Hospital are as follows: they are below the national average on patient satisfaction on ten different factors, the overall hospital was rated a 2. 5 out of 5 stars which means they have a damaged reputation, their fast track system takes an hours time.

Also, Jackson Park ranks worse than average to average-on patient safety indicators, meaning they don’t have the patients in their best interest. Finally the hospital suffers from a high readmission rate and staff not being able to fulfill all of their daily duties. Opportunities Every hospital has a need, which drives their efforts. Jackson Park Hospital had many external opportunities that we think could allow them to become a great hospital and improve significantly.

Some of these opportunities are: it is rated one of the largest non profit hospitals, with 269 beds, they accept Medicare and Medicaid allowing a greater patient pool, it is located near many big venues in the city of Chicago such as the field museum and art institute, which have thousands of people around the area day in and day out.

Most of the hospitals patients come for drug or alcohol related problems, which enables the hospital to grow and improve their services for these specific issues. Finally, since 1959, Jackson Park has invested more than $32 million in expansion and renovation to provide all types of services to the community.

We see these as opportunities due to the fact that the hospital has been constantly updating itself and always improving their services to reach all people. Threats Even though we have many efforts we would like to see be implemented, there are some factors which inhibit these efforts from being made. The threats we found to be most problematic are as follows: the hospital’s Chicago location.

This is problematic because there is a high competition due to the volume of other hospitals in the area. Also, located in a dangerous neighborhood that is federally designated as a underserved area, Jackson Park has been under discussion for being shutdown or getting its federal funded withdrawn.

Due to its location, Jackson Park has a lack of outpatient clinics, which forces them to loose patients to competitors. Finally, due to the Affordable Care Act, reimbursement and insurance policies change the care the patients receive. Unfortunately threats are outside forces and cannot necessarily be controlled; yet we are optimistic that we can succeed. Section Nine:

Fundraising Target Audience The target audience is the group we hope to directly impact with our changes made to Jackson Park Hospital. Our first target audience is the patients that enter the emergency department.

We want their wait times to be cut down significantly so they can be seen in a timely and efficient manner in order to receive the best possible can. Our other target audience is the hospital staff involved with the emergency department. We hope to reach out to them to provide them the education and supplies necessary in order to provide the best possible care to patients, relieve stress, and make sure their jobs are done efficiently.

Solicitation Appeal In order to get the word out about our fast track emergency department system and triage system as well as our improved bed management we hope to gain recognition through hospital boards for our changed system and essentially gain the trust and confidence from the community by being recognized as a prestigious hospital due to the changes we have made.

Also, we hope to get the word out by placing advertisements all around the city. By explaining our new systems and our shortened emergency room wait times on billboards, busses, subway systems, and bus stops we could gain the recognition from all in the Chicagoland area, more specifically within the Jackson Park Hospital area, so the community can have trust within its hospital to provide quality and efficient care.

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with additional education that allows them to provide high-quality, cost-effective and individualized care for patients, families, and communities. Nurse practitioners are authorized to treat, and provide health promotion, maintenance, and sick care services to those …

Strengths •Hospital has grown from 50 beds to 300 beds •Icon hospital in Chicago •Experienced staff, low turnover rate •Nurses with master’s degree •Head nurses and assistant head nurses familiar with managerial roles •Management working on improving Emergency Department (ED) …

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