Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world, its deadly claws stretched over all continents in the world. However, lung cancer is not just a disease; it can act as a magnifying glass; many social problems and goodness of society can be revealed through the causes of lung cancer. Lung cancer is formed when the cells of the lungs grow in an uncontrolled way, this creates a lump or a tumor which can either be malignant or benign. Smoking and unhealthy diets are all causes of lung cancer; the related problems and topics associated with them are peer pressure, individual and government responsibility, teen diets and role models.

Preventions are available in many different methods, with the help of government and professional study, lung cancer is treatable and curable. Cigarettes are full of poison and toxic chemicals, the ingredients affect everything from functions of organs to body’s immune system, the damages can be widespread and fatal. Nicotine is a very toxic chemical present in cigarettes; “it reaches the brain within ten seconds after smoke is inhaled. “(1) When taking a long drag of smoke, and enjoys the pleasure of tobacco smoking, the chemicals are rotting the lungs and straining the body.

Among the young smokers, many are teenagers, during the recent years, age of teen smokers are decreasing, more and more students came in contract with cigarette and other drugs(2). There are many different factors contributed to the raising number of young smokers; the influence could come from school and from home. Peer pressure is associated with smoking, many students were forced into smoking by their peers; they surrender and give in to smoking because they wanted to feel cool, and most importantly to fit in. Teenagers would really commit to be able to gain acceptance.

Hollywood and other media productions associate smoking with manliness, and maturity; it would be natural for students at a young age to get influenced and brain washed into imitating smokers. At home, if the adolescent’s parents or one family member smokes, that person has a higher chance of following his/her family “legacy” and pick up the habit. This also increases the chance of other household members getting smoking related. “People that are inhaling second hand smoking, the chance of having strokes or heart attacks are increased by twenty five percent.

”(4) Adults should smoke as least as possible in front of teenagers, because they are at an age when the curiosity level is the highest, and the desire to try something new can affect his/her life; it could be a death sentence, “one in two lifetime smokers will die from their habit. “(3) Diet is another cause for lung cancer, though it does not take up a huge portion of the percentage that causes lung cancer, it is usually the contributor which people forget or have never heard about.

Diet is a word most people are familiar with, because at some point in their lives, they came in contact with this word. A healthy diet is a good health contributor in life. However, unbalanced nutritious or anorexic diets can result in many health defects. An unbalanced diet can cause many problems with maintenance of body tissues, growth and development, brain and nervous system function, as well as problems with bone and muscle systems. (5) Lack of vitamins can lead to lung cancer, many teenagers wanted to obtain the perfect body image promoted in media productions.

Especially the girls are caught up in the crazy diets, and they think it would be beautiful to look slim and sexy like the idols on TV screens. However, most of them don’t realize the consequences of excessive diets. It is one reason why forty percent of cancer patients die from malnutrition or cachexia (6). Many people say relationship between vitamins and lung cancer is an urban legend, so they don’t take this issue seriously; nevertheless, they are wrong. Researchers have recently been looking into links between vitamins and lung cancer.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are thought to help them prevent cancer because they contain chemicals that can prevent cell damage. Regular meals should be planned with care to avoid development of cancer cells. Beautiful body images are not worth to risk the health of the body; regular meals should be planned with care to avoid development of cancer cells. Sugar is a quiet contributor to cancer cells; cancer cells’ growth increases rapidly with the increase of large amount of glucose inside the body (6).

There is a case of a lung cancer patient healed with the help of professional nutritious meal planner. There is a case of a lung cancer patient healed with the help of professional nutritious meal planner. This patient was told by her doctor that there was no hope, but after changing the style of her meals and reduced the intake of sugar, she beat her terminal lung cancer (6). Lung cancer may sound like a terrifying disease that took over many lives, but it is not ineradicable, 15% of the patients will survive (1); it is a small percentage, but there is hope.

The chance of survival will increase if the patient stays optimistic and the courage to fight for his/her life. There are different treatments that can be applied. Surgeries can remove tumors; chemotherapy is killing cancer cells by taking drugs. The technology is already advanced enough to reduce or stop the growth of lung cancer. The public need to raise their caution towards smoking, air pollution, unhealthy diets and many more other problems may contribute to lung cancer. Diseases is not scary, knowledge can help defend the health and battle with the illness.

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