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I have chosen these specific skills as I fell these are the most frequently used skills in a football match. All my skills will be compared to each other on a scale and then will be analysed and reasoned for there location on the scale. 1) Level Of Complexity Dribbling I have decided to place dribbling as the most complex skill. I feel that the level of skill and ability required for a performer to be able to dribble and dribble past the opposition is very high. The reason why dribbling is thought of as complex is that factors lie in the way of the performer,

Running with the ball to a respectable pace Keeping the ball under control while running with the ball The ability to dribble around an opponent while doing the two points above Analysing the position of the opponents and anticipating tackles Not being tackled or loosing control Dribble effectively to open up space for other team mates Many complex skills are usually placed within dribbling itself, such as dummies and “tricks” to get past the opposition. I feel bullet points 2,3,5 and 7 are probably the most difficult and are responsible for complex level of difficulty.

But it is bullet point 6 which should be the end result if not a shooting opportunity, if not then the desirable outcome has not been achieved. Shooting Shooting itself is not very complex at all but the reason for placing it in the complex side of the continuum is because successful finishing can be harder at a high standard scenario. Finishing can be complex when playing at a higher standard due to the following points, Good shooting/finishing requires the shot to be away from the keeper, to prevent a save so, in most cases, towards the bottom/top corners of a goal post.

This complex as there is a fine line between a goal and missing. Making sure the pathway is clear so the shot cannot be blocked or deflected. Analysing the goalkeepers position to find an area of the goal to place the shot Time on the ball, weather he is being closed down by an opponent or not. Judging the balls movement and pace if it is being crossed or passed Bullet points 1 and 5 are essential and most complex in shooting. Passing Passing is complex like shooting as the principles are the same, as in both striking the ball is the key point.

Though passing is complex I have decided to place it bellow shooting because though it has the same principle, passing is about accuracy and anticipation where as shooting is both those plus power. The performer must take the following into account, Possible team mates to pass to and there position Degree of power and height depending on position Possible interception by opponent What part of the body to pass to, i. e. head if crossing in for goal. Every bullet point in this one is essential to a successful pass.

Heading Even though heading is a skill people find hard, itself is actually fairly simple, it is the fear factor of heading a ball which is most off putting to a performer. Heading involves, Attacking form of heading is in most cases redirecting a pass or cross to an area, though this is no means a simple task it is however the only skill really involved. Defensive is the opposite hear it is essential to simply clear the ball out of the danger area and high and hard as possible.

The only other skill I would say is involved is loosing a marker and running or jumping to the ball in synchronisation to ensure a clean header is made. Though people find heading complex, it is not actually the heading that makes it complex it is the fear of heading which restricts performers ability to header. 2) Muscular Movement Dribbling For me dribbling requires the most muscular movent hence it is towards the gross side of the continuum. Dribbling requires running and even in cases, sprinting with the ball this is by far the most movement out of all the skills.

Not only is it movent of the legs but also the arms and the hip when running at angles or “cutting in” or turning etc. Strength and power are essential when running and therefor the legs muscles are worked hard and hence dribbling is considered to be a gross muscular movement. Heading I have placed heading in second place for the following reasons. Heading requires Powerful and explosive leg movements to out jump an opponent and also required movement of the arms and more essential the neck when power is needed to put into the ball.

Occasionally running and then jumping is required to gain dominance of the air in order to win the header that is why I consider it to be a gross muscular movement. Shooting There is little between shooting and passing but I have placed shooting ahead due to the fact that when shooting power is not restricted. Therefor more gross muscular movement is required in shooting. When shooting the performer must use the gross muscles in the legs and in the body to gain power on the shot. However some shooting techniques, i. e. , Lobs or chips require fine movements. Hence shooting is only just above the halfway point towards gross.

Passing Passing in principle is almost the same as shooting, it is a connection between the ball and the foot to make the ball move. But the difference is in shooting power is essential to beat goal keepers where as passing on occasions can be simple fine movements of the leg. But if crossing the ball or performing a long ball, more gross muscles in the leg are required. But all in all I have decided that halfway between fine and gross is a suitable position. 3) Environmental Influence Dribbling I have decided to place dribbling towards the open end of the environmental continuum.

This is essentially for the reasons that, One or more of the opposition will try to tackle you The ball must be kept under control and not over hit when running with it or it may run out of play or intercepted. Wet conditions make it very hard to keep the ball under control Windy conditions will effect this severely as it is very hard to keep the ball under control as the ball might be under the influence of the wind. The fact that the opposition will try to tackle you every time is a massive environmental factor, a wet surface is also a large factor.

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As I have identified shooting as one of my strengths I will need a practise that will help me maintain this skill. For this, I would suggest 2 practises. One to warm up and get use to striking the ball, …

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