Letter of Appeal

Mrs. Maureen Pavlik.

Associate Dean of Nursing,


I write this letter of appeal to state my humble positions about my choice of nursing, my previous academic curriculum and other interests. I request that you submit this appeal to the Admission Selection Committee.

Health is wealth. In every family which is the basic structure of a nation, living healthy is a major priority. In this view, it becomes important to seek medical advice as situation demands. Even among the medical experts who are sought after, the place of a nurse is distinguished. Nursing offers closer and more personal hope to the nation, its tender and compassionate practice by a good nurse makes pain better to bear and make disease appear lighter than they can be.

Personally, I like to help people; this I have done to family members and friends in various ways. Many a time, people need help when they are not finding easy with life, disappointed or sick; these times a bright smile and/or a word of encouragement can make a difference. I seek to know what I can do to make others happy daily because this is the way to making me happy. For instance, diabetes runs in my family; as a result, I would like to work with others with diabetes. I work as a volunteer at Gateway Rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse and the Alegheny County jail talking to inmates about alcohol/drug abuse.

I have completed all of my prerequisites for the RN program with emphasis on receiving a (A) in Microbiology, (B) in Anatomy and physiology I & II, and an (A) in Psycholgy. I worked hard to get these grades. I believe that this is a better indicator of my excellence than the NET test. My CGPA of 3.3 further underscore this assertion; and I am willing to work harder to achieve more excellent results. Besides, I am competent, skilled and ready for this rigorous program.

I hope this appeal would be granted and my admission consequently secured.

Thanks in anticipation of a favorable response.

Yours faithfully,


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