Legalizing the Cure Requires Logical and Rational Thinking

It is outrageous to trust and believe a mixture of various non organic and non natural chemicals that enters the body to be more beneficial than disastrous. However, the FDA has brainwashed the American people to continually consume their approved medications to treat their illnesses and diseases. The FDA’s achievement is to provide the American people the opportunity to be granted medicines that support long healthy lives by curing their illnesses. The FDA’s slogan is “protecting and promoting your health”, while the irony to this is visible in every prescription bottle or commercial advertisement in the form of side effects.

In most cases, these side effects cause new problems or worsen the already existing condition. An alternative treatment to diseases may be found in an organic substance known as the Cannabis plant. The Cannabis plant possesses the ability to support and maintain a healthy body by eliminating diseases, protecting vital organs and reducing pain and stress. The history of Cannabis dates back centuries where it was used for several purposes that include food, shelter, clothing and most importantly medicine by the Chinese and Indians.

First experiences with Cannabis revealed the euphoric side effects of smoking the plant, which was the main reason for its early use in ancient times. Soon after, a Chinese emperor stumbled upon the healing properties of the plant while under the euphoric effect. The exact healing or relief feeling is not known, but it is believed or assumed to have been the reduction of pain or swelling. As the rumors began to spread, many others had also experienced the same medicinal properties of the Cannabis plant causing Cannabis to travel to other countries such as North Africa, Egypt and Spain, soon making its way to North America.

During Cannabis’ early stages in North America, Jamestown settlers were required to grow Cannabis as the major crop. Cannabis was later incorporated with every day usage that included medicine or medications for both minor and serious wounds or illnesses. By the 1930’s, a ban was created against the use of Cannabis, which was referred to as Marijuana, due to the rapid increase of recreational usage rather than medical usage as intended.

The reason for the sudden change of name was to disguise the real plant which holds all the beneficial factors, and give it a new name that will soon be burdened with false allegations making it easier for the ban to be passed. In today’s society, these malicious rumors towards cannabis which are based on ignorance and relations to tobacco have caused the plant to remain in the abyss when regarding the well being of the human body.

Only recently have new studies and research been conducted on Cannabis; and the studies on cannabis are are showing surprising results. The profound claims which regard Cannabis to be the cure to the most fatal illnesses that infect millions of new Americans every year may not be as farfetched as people make it seem.

One of the several illnesses or diseases Cannabis is believed to cure is Cancer. According to Cancer. org, during the year of 2013, approximately 1. 6million Americans are expected to be diagnosed with cancer (cancer facts & figures 2013). The normal or recommended treatment for those patients diagnosed with cancer is chemotherapy; which involves using a variation of medications. Chemotherapy uses powerful chemicals that enter the body to track and kill off the cancer or tumor cells reducing their size and strength. However, these same chemicals that kill off the cancer and tumor cells also kill off healthy cells within the body.

The potency of chemotherapy in most cases deliver a too great of a damage to the healthy cells for the patient to continue fighting off the disease on their own. In addition, these medications eliminate hunger for that patient and thus, further weakening the body. The alternative very few people seek to cure their cancer is medical Marijuana. Marijuana has not always been a treatment option to cure cancer due to the common misconception that cannabis causes cancer.

However, those who select cannabis as their treatment option have a greater probability of fighting off the cancer or tumor without any of those harmful side effects that come along with the recommended treatment of chemotherapy. “Several studies in mice and rats suggest that cannabinoids may have a protective effect against the development of certain types of tumors”(national cancer institute).

Although the studies that support the idea of Cannabis protecting against tumor and cancers were done on lab mice and rats, it should be known that the FDA approves medications for human testing based on their studies done on the same lab mice and rats (Drugs).

A popular argument regarding the use of cannabis is the risk of brain damage or the reduction in brain cells. However, the popularity of this myth does not constitute to a legitimate argument without supporting evidence along with proficient research. In fact, there have been no studies to support this claim. On the other hand, studies that have been conducted on cannabis and the brain display the contrary to the popular misconception. These studies revealed that THC, the main psychoactive component in cannabis, “prevent[s] long-term cognitive damage that results from brain injury” as well as “preventing cell death and promoting certain growth factors”(Laurie Tarkan).

The method by which cannabis protects the brain is through inflicting minor damages that in retrospect will strengthen the brain’s defenses for future more severe damages. Due to the protective effects provided by the use of cannabis, the brain is able to protect and defend itself from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer. Patients suffering with Multiple Sclerosis have noticed a significant decrease in spasticity and pain while using cannabis rather than the conventional recommended therapy (Rachael Rettner).

Cannabis has gained its popularity more because of its recreational use rather than for medical purposes. The main reason cannabis is mostly used for recreational use is due to the euphoric effects provided. This is also the cause for many non-supporters to disagree or restrict the legalization of cannabis. However, there are benefits to using cannabis even if its for the purpose of recreation. The euphoric effects of cannabis also alleviate stress and pain. Stress has been known to be one of the leading causes of illnesses, diseases, lowered immune system and sometimes death.

It should be for this reason that cannabis should not be restricted for the general public to use whether for medical purposes or recreational usage. Furthermore, if using cannabis to prevent stress, which is harmful and in rare cases deadly, it would be logical and rational to include recreational usage as a future medical prevention treatment.

However, the effects of cannabis is not equivalent to every individual, but in most cases, it has been seen to reduce stress even if slightly. In summation, through the various research and studies performed to reveal the effects and benefits of cannabis, the results continue to display the positive and beneficial properties provided in the cannabis plant.

These positive results, whether done on human subjects or animals, the ability for cannabis to cure cancer, protect the brain from severe damage, and reducing both pain and stress, should be enough valid information to support the legalization of cannabis for both recreational and medical usage. It requires both logical and rational thinking to come to a conclusion where controversy has existed for more than 50 years to oppose those who support the cannabis movement.

The cure is already within fingertips length; and the only way to reach the cure is to inform those who oppose the legalization for the wrong and false reasons. Works cited Rettner, Rachael. “Marijuana may help relieve MS patients’ symptoms. ” Livescience. Web. 15 may 2012 Tarkan, Laurie. “Study: Cannabis may prevent brain damage. ”

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