Learning Beyond Disabilities

Students suffering from specific learning disabilities are considered as the fastest growing and largest group with disabilities in the campus. The intelligence of the students with learning disability falls along the average or above average. The students with learning disabilities have severe problem in learning several academic skills. It includes mathematical reasoning and calculation, reading and writing comprehension and oral expression. Students have difficulty solving mathematical problems or decoding or reading words. And with this kind of problem, the students suffer from severe delay in classroom achievement.

The effects may range from mild to severe and may vary differently to different people. Learning disabilities may manifest along with other disabilities such as sensory and mobility impairments. Students who suffer with Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) suffer with learning disabilities as well. Various approaches are needed in order to address the students’ problem in terms of their learning disabilities. In support of this, assistive technologies could also be factor in conquering the problem of the students by maintaining and improving functional capabilities of those with disabilities.

There should be active participation and communication with different institutions that addresses the students’ learning disabilities. For example coordinating with the university’s disability services in acquiring the tools and teaching materials in helping the student with learning disabilities. In order to solve this problem, the students with learning disabilities can be educated with the use of various approaches which include individual, small and large group discussion. Students may also use assistive technologies in writing and reading.

To improve speed and comprehension in reading of the students, speech output system is set-up which read and highlights text. Software such as visual thinking software assists students in organizing ideas. In enhancing writing skills of students, auditory spells and grammar checkers is essential. The students with learning disabilities especially those with students with difficulty reading may shift to alternative versions of readings materials and textbooks for example eBooks. The university disability services can coordinate with students and faculty and other offices to acquire alternative format of reading materials.

Special assistance is needed by the students in order for them to complete assignments and exams. They can also be given flexible due dates in the incidence of absence of the assistant that help them finish their assignments. Accommodations can also be given to the students with learning disabilities during testing. This may include time extension for completion of the exam, testing areas which are free from distraction, assistance during the exams and tools such as spell checker, grammar checker and calculator. Capitalizing on one’s student strengths is one of the ways in approaching learning disabilities.In a supportive environment, provide the student with opportunities’ in order to boos his/her self-esteem.

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