Knowledge Skills Abilities

I have lead in-depth comprehensive intake assessments and evalutions that included presenting and reviewing all surgical and non-surgical consumer products of Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan healthcare institutions’ test results, reviewing national and international clinical studies and reports, developing a product value success plan, and then providing clinical and specialty care educational training.

I am exceptional as a resourceful problem solver to complex problems, a developer in building solid rapport with patients, family, staff and physicians along with strong analytical abilities in assessing conditions and implementing appropriate intervention. I have strong administration skills where I continue to be successful in managing office workload, prepare correspondences, maintain medical instituition records, and coordinate events with product safety approval and recall advocates. I possess excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills in which I am able to lead change and build trust.

I planned and developed strategic initiatives that led to improvements and delivery of product safety and effectiveness at 7 major hospitals such as Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois and Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, Michigan. Therefore, these strategies I implemented, presented and produced allowed Loyola to go 23 months without a single catheter-related bloodstream infection which the hospital saved an annual 2. 5 million dollars. The cost for each catheter-related bloodstream infection ranged from $45,000 to $60,000.

In addition, I converted over thirty nursing and assisted living facilities’ from Central to Northern IL in one week which earned me a high evaluation and raise in salary following the 8 week conversion of all thirty three sites. I continued improving programs and initiatives for acute care hospitals and specialty care centers within the Midwest region of the United States. Lastly, I evaluated and reviewed the effectiveness of clinical educational programs and efficiency of management for each hospital within assigned territory.

Moreover, I conducted in-depth published clinical studies and reports, analyzed data, and developed product policy recommendations. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY TRAINING I have successfully managed and analyzed product performance testing and reviews by serving as an advisor on product safety presentation, implementation, evaluation, and quality control hospital boards and organizations. These opportunities allowed me to be nominated to host dinners and speak at many Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois nursing organization seminars, conferences and symposiums.

Following the speaking engagements, I was invited by the product review boards of the hospitals in attendance to conduct formal and informal product trials of intravenous catheter placements and usage the very next week. Upon completion of these trials, I consolidated and analyzed statistical data and trends, utilized data to develop reports for quality assurance and effectiveness in preventing catheter-related bloodstream infections in over 15 hospitals and specialty care centers in less than one year.

Finally, I had developed, coordinated, and presented quarterly product training program initiatives that directly impact clinicians’ retention, readiness, and successful product progression. This allowed me to maintain consistent contact with the nursing and clinical specialists community to utilize latest updates, ideas, methodologies, and issues. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY CUSTOMER RELATIONS.

My experience in customer service and relations has received high recognition for the past three years that led me to facilitate the Corporate Compliance presentation at the RyMed Technologies’ Annual Sales Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in December 2008. My extensive communications, problem-solving, and program implementation with hospital personnel located in purchasing, materials management, distribution and risk management departments statewide led to an expeditious buy-in rate by these departments with-in a matter of one month.

I prepared and presented cost value analysis briefings and presentations on analytical findings and recommendations; represent company at meetings, seminars, conferences and symposiums. I had and still continue to have the ability of building customer rapport and trust through professional and courteous communications. I was able to answer physicians’ and patients’ questions and resolve simple, informal complaints of product wear and tear, duration, refunds, return policies and shipment procedures.

I had numerous opportunities to conduct and participate in surgical and therapeutic work site in-services and relay success stories to co-workers as needed. In addition, when it came to being a team leader and player, I assisted sales management with physician, therapist and patient inquiries for information and competition investigations. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY INSTRUCTION AND USAGE As a healthcare hands-on professional, I provided rehabilitative prescription for post-operation total joint reconstruction and implant patients of orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, physical therapists and athletic trainers.

I have possessed the technical proficiencies in operating Dynamic Splinting devices designed to aid in restoring physical function to patients with joint stiffness and limited range of motion. I ensured quality safety and effective fitting and instruction of specific joint devices. I was able discover, prevent, and deal with complications due to device contraindications through complete follow-up patient screenings.

These screenings of patients allowed me to observed, evaluated and review with them their capabilities of self-fitting, range of motion measurement settings, record keeping and supporting the company’s mission of creating a permanent length in shortened connective tissue for the healing public. In addition, I implemented joint replacement-screening protocols central to company objectives, identified any anatomical and physiological complications which would prevent patients from being able to return to their work and leisure activities of daily living.

Finally, I have advised, coordinated and directed company sales support staff of verification of patient healthcare benefits, cost control, budget analysis, and percentage of coverage for devices with insurance companies and worker compensation programs. As a key member of orthopedic division, served as point of contact for orthopedic surgeons and subordinate staff. Responded to inquiries and provided staff guidance on policies and procedures. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY EDUCATOR.

As a healthcare service provider, instructed therapeutic treatments and exercise prescription to pre and post open heart surgery patients. Facilitated cardiac rehabilitation programs in exercise prescription, weight management, coping skills, stress management, blood pressure, healthy eating, cardiac output, and diabetes care. Enhanced patients’ quality of life through risk factor alteration, psychosocial adjustments in interpersonal roles, and potential for advancement at work commensurate with the patients’ skills.

I was promoted within a six month period to manage inpatient and outpatient customers that suffered the pathophysiologic and psychosocial effects of heart disease. Additionally, I helped them prevent the risk of getting a myocardial infarction which would cause sudden death, relieved cardiac symptoms, reversed atherosclerosis by instituting programs for exercise training, education, implant device safety precautions, counseling, and risk factor modification. I reintegrated heart disease patients into successful functional status in their families and in society.

This lead to the consistency of improved objective measures of exercise tolerance and psychosocial well being without increasing the risk of significant complications. I have and continue to instruct several allied health and science undergraduate courses to a diverse population of students with various educational backgrounds and career goals. I develop courses and course materials that center on developing the discipline of enhancing and maintaining the human body’s optimal physical, emotional and mental well-being.

I am passionate of integrateing real world clinically-specific, rehabilitation and recreational activity experiences and practices. This allows for the creation of additional yet effective human kinetics educational teaching and training methods in an effort to develop life-long apprentices who possess the exercise science knowledge, skills and abilities to make significant contributions to their discipline, their profession and their community.

Topics covered were introduction to study of movement control, joint structure, muscle anatomy and function, biomechanics of power-lifting, gait kinematics, exercise prescription and specificity, and exercise to increase sports performance in athletic competitions. PROFICIENCIES Computer: Extensive use of Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint); highly proficient in internet research; strong knowledge of statistical analysis software and program design.

Motor skills learning is usually an active process interrelated with cognition (Derri & Pachta, 2007, p. 38). This means that the skill concept is one perspective of cognitive concept learning particularly in physical education; where the concern is the way …

A significant number of patients continue to experience unrelieved pain during hospitalization despite decades of research, improved therapeutic measures and advancement in technology. Delays in recovery, decreased patient satisfaction, decreased quality of life and increased healthcare costs are some consequences …

Review of Knowledge- NR 291 Chapters 2-7, 36 & 37; Part 1 Chapter 2: Pharmacologic Principles “Any chemical that affects the physiologic processes of a living organism can broadly be defined as a drug. The study or science of drugs …

Together with this, patients and other clients provide nurses with a wealth of knowledge which gives them information about the practice. Expert nurses and advanced practitioners also help in developing their knowledge and skills to make sense of their practice. …

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