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The main problem going around the world right now is the outbreak of the Ebola virus. Over the past few months, since the recent outbreak, more than a few people have died and the CDC officials are not really sure how it started to spread. The first known outbreak of Ebola was in 1976 in a part of Sudan, near the Ebola River and as of a few months ago, has claimed more than 1400 lives (Fever Rising; Ebola, 2014). This disease is a serious epidemic and the government needs to warn people about the severity of this disease.

We need to know the symptoms, even if they may scare us and we also need to be aware of where this deadly disease came from. The problem that we are having with this disease is that we, as a nation, are not doing anything to control or prevent this from spreading. As we have been told, there is no vaccine to prevent it and there is also no cure, so how can we stop the spread throughout the United States? One thing that needs to be done is the ban of all international travel in and out of the states.

Banning all travel would ensure that those coming from international countries would not be bringing back any thought of a disease; however if this were to happen, the Ebola crisis could get worse. Another thing that could be done is to spread more awareness. There needs to be more information about what the Center for Disease Control is doing to try and prevent people from contracting Ebola.

They also need to state all of the symptoms, including systemic (prostration), gastrointestinal (anorexia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea), respiratory (chest pain, shortness of breath, cough, nasal discharge), vascular (conjunctival injection, postural hypotension, oedema), and neurological (headache, confusion, coma) manifestations (Feldmann & Geisbert, 2011), instead of just saying that the symptoms are flu like. I think that what the world needs right now is a solution to this problem.

They need to know that all efforts are being made in order to keep this deadly virus from affecting the citizens of the United States. Do we really know what the solution to this is or are we just going to keep letting people get sick and die.

Between the CDC and the government, something needs to be done, whether it is to stop all international travel, spread awareness about the disease, or find ways to prevent it, something needs to be done. There have been so many people to die from this virus and to me it seems like no one is trying to do anything to keep this out of the US. President Obama is saying that “the prospect of an outbreak here is very low. ” (Ebola: Obama ‘optimistic’ on virus situation in US, 2014).

The outbreak here is already happening with the first case of Ebola happening in Dallas, Texas where the victim died. I don’t know what the President is thinking. He needs to make it so that the hysteria of the outbreak stops and people can feel comfortable going to the hospital without getting sick. Bibliography (2014). ?Ebola: Obama ‘optimistic’ on virus situation in US. ? Bankok: Thai News Service Group. Feldmann, H. , & Geisbert, T. W. (2011, March 5-11). Ebola haemorrhagic fever. ?The Lancet ? , pp. 849-862. Fever Rising; Ebola. (2014, August 16). ?The Economist ? , pp. 48-50.

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