Human health and the quality of drinking water

From the information provided there could be three conclusions that point towards the causes of cancer and ongoing illnesses amongst the community people. Firstly the elevated level of a particular chemical in the river that has been found by the initial tests done by the scientist points towards the danger. Though according to her the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has made it clear that the level of chemical found in the community’s river water is far below than the known level that can be dangerous to people’s health, one can not be sure that the water is free of diseases.

This is because the level of that particular chemical that has been indicated as safe and acceptable by the EPA is three parts per million or less. Whereas the scientist has found, that the chemical present in the community’s river is 38 parts per million which is more than the safe and acceptable level. Thus going through the presented information any member of the community would be in total dilemma regarding the quality of water the entire community is consuming. Hence to be hundred percent sure of the safety from the chemical substance in discussion, more tests beyond the initial tests are extremely required.

Only then can one come to the final decision whether to consume the river water or make an alternative arrangement to escape the deadly disease – cancer. There is a requirement of additional data that provide the total picture in more detail in order to come to a definite verdict in this matter. The second conclusion derived from the given information is that may be the initial test of the scientist that points out that the river water has 38 parts per million of the chemical might not be true.

This is because there is a factory 20 miles upstream the river from where the sample of water had been taken by the scientist. In the given information it has been mentioned that the chemical under discussion is widely used for the production of medical and dental x rays produced by the factory. It can be assumed that the 38 parts per million was identified from a place near the factory which uses this chemical. Had the sample been taken a little far away the results could be more threatening and more accurate.

Thus a detailed data based on the samples taken from different parts of the river would give better results as far the actual level of the presence of the chemical substance is concerned. This is extremely important to calculate the actual harm being caused by the river water. The third conclusion is that since there is a factory near the river, it might be that the waste products from the factory are being dumped into the river. May be this is proving harmful to the river’s water.

Hence there should also be some data collected from a survey done on the factory to determine how many tons of harmful waste products are being dumped in the river per year. With the help of the scientist and health professionals a data on how much harm can these dumped products can do to drinking water should be derived.

This would help in determining the actual cause of the deteriorating health conditions of the people. As a responsible citizen I would try to use the information provided to speak to the local senator for him to understand the plight of the community people who have been living in such a life-threatening situation.

I would also urge him to generate funds for high-level research and probe in order to find out the actual cause of the poor health conditions of the people of the community. I would tell him that since some preliminary data is already present before him, he should take necessary steps to implement corrective measures and improve the condition of the entire community. I would try to persuade him to speak to the local water commission to do their share of work too.

I would bring to his notice that water is one of the basic necessities of life and how this necessity is proving fateful to the community’s people. I would request him to think of some alternative measures to supply water to the community until and unless it is declared by high-level scientists and members of the probing committee that the river water is safe for consumption. I would also speak to the local social service organizations to work for the benefit of the community people and pressurize the local authorities to take action.

If it is found that the factory dumps it’s waste products in the river, then I would also ask these organizations to speak to the factory owner and ask him to find an alternative way of disposing the waste products of his factory. In addition to all this, I would take help of the health professionals of the community and ask them to spread awareness regarding how the presently available water can be made suitable for consumption in the best possible way.

I would ask them to educate the community people on how to boil water and take other actions in order to ensure their good health. Last but not the least I would ask the community members to come together for their own benefit and pledge to improve their condition because there is great strength in unity. If everyone works together there would certainly be a positive change in the present scenario.

Works cited Southern Regional Water Program 2007. 4th December 2007 <http://srwqis. tamu. edu/drinkingwater. aspx>.

From the information provided there could be three conclusions that point towards the causes of cancer and ongoing illnesses amongst the community people. Firstly the elevated level of a particular chemical in the river that has been found by the …

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