How understanding cultural diversity can help promote the rights of patients

Care workers will keep patients rights and responsibilities. By doing this, they will make sure that patients have the right to their own beliefs and lifestyles, your client has the right t o eat unhealthy food, but you must warn them about the dangers so that they can make their own minds up. Also, patients have the right to smoke but they must accept their responsibilities of other people who do not wish to be affected by passive smoking, you must also warn your patient about the dangers of smoking.

No one has the right to damage the quality of other peoples lives – rights come with responsibilities, carers must make sure that there patients understand the rights and responsibilities in the care settings by this patients have a right to not be discriminated against, confidentiality and their own beliefs and values. Patients have the responsibility to not discriminate against others, respects the confidentiality of others and not to harm others.

Finally, Carers must respect the rights of all clients by doing this they must follow the patients rights and these include to be allowed privacy, to be allowed access to information about themselves and to be able to communicate using their own methods of communication and languages. Care workers will keep patients information confidential. By doing this they will make sure that their patients know that they can trust them, patients will expect you not to discuss their details with anyone else without their consent and if you don’t keep your promise they will begin not to trust you.

Whenever possible you must make sure that you keep your patients notes confidential as much as you can. Patients may be put at risk and their self esteem damaged if confidential information is shared with others so you must make sure that you think before you share information about your patients and make sure that the information you are disclosing won’t embarrassed or damage the self-esteem of your patient.

There are legal requirements to keep personal records confidential this means that any information patients give you must be private and confidential, these records can be verbal, written or electronic (on a computer). Carers also need to make sure that they don’t put a patient in possible danger by giving a telephone number, home address or e-mail address to other members of the public unless they have the permission of the patient.

Carers must follow the public rights and by this they must treat the patient as an individual, allow privacy, allow patients to access information about themselves, protect patients from danger and harm and care for a patient in a way that takes account of their choices and protect them. Care workers will promote anti discrimination. By doing this, they have a duty to promote anti discriminatory practice in their professional lives this means that they will make sure that a patient is treated fairy no matter of their age, sex race and many other factors.

They mustn’t label a person based on how they look or their behaviour. Also, carers mustn’t be prejudiced towards a patient as this makes the patient either feel angry, feel like they are been treated unfairly, stressed and it could seriously damage their self-esteem making them feel unimportant. By following the patient’s rights they must respect the patient, treat the patient equally and not discriminate against them, treat them as an individual and allow the patient to communicate using their preferred methods of communication and languages.

Care workers will promote effective communication. By doing this, the carers will make sure that there patients trust them so that they feel they can ask them anything. Also, they must talk to a patient in the right manner coming across as confident and like they are enjoying their job or the patient won’t feel comfortable. By following the patient’s rights they must treat the patient in a dignified way, care for them in a way that takes account of their choices and protect them and allows their patients to communicate using their preferred methods of communication and languages.

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