How to Write Nursing Application Essay

Nursing application essays: golden rule #1

A personal example in a nursing application essay is more important than in any other essay. What we mean is that you have to tell a real-life story describing your experience of providing care and support to somebody. It will be the best evidence that you have weighed your decision to become a nurse.

Nursing application essays: golden rule # 2

Do not try to prove anything in your nursing application essay, share your views on something that has nothing to do with your future occupation. In fact, the gist of your nursing application essay is very simple and there is no need to reinvent the bike. Just tell why you want to be a nurse and explain why you will be an outstanding nurse. Do not forget to explain your decision to apply to this particular nursing school.

Nursing application essays: golden rule # 3

Do not be too modest when writing your nursing school application essay. Sure, your strong intention to become a nurse is what really matters. Yet, better if it is backed up with necessary experience. Thus, tell about anything you have done that is associated with nursing and taking care of patients, specific training programs, clubs you were involved in, etc. Patient care

Patient care is the most important duty of a nurse and the vitality of it should be discussed while turning in nursing assignments. The care given to a patient determines the skill of a nurse and hence is a vital part of nursing. Good bedside manner is very essential in the making of an impeccable nurse. Though it is widely considered that the primary duty of a nurse is to follow the instructions of the practicing medic, it is not so. Patient care is to be given utmost importance and everything else follows.

Nursing ethics

There are certain ethics to every profession and nursing is no exception. The code of conduct for nurses is to be strictly followed. For example, when a patient refuses a particular treatment, it is by ethical rules, the duty of the nurse to imply upon the patient the effect it would have on the health. It is also an essential duty of a nurse to act with the best interests of the patient at heart as the patient is the most important of the nursing profession. All the ethics involved in the profession is to be carefully dealt out while writing assignments on nursing.

Patient satisfaction

Every profession needs a fulfillment. In the case of nursing it would be patient satisfaction. Not all patients can be satisfied all the time but the effort involved in trying to take care of and simultaneously satisfying them is a huge feat to be performed by an individual nurse who is also a human being like us. There might be many sacrifices involved in satisfying the patient but the nurse must be willing to make those for the sake of her patients who depend on her for their health and recuperation.


The aim of nurses around the world is to provide their patients with the best care they could offer while maintaining their code of conduct, credits, professional ethics and standard. All the different aspects of nursing should be brought out in nursing assignments. As the demand of nurses with credentials is rising, the profession has a lot of scope and students will definitely benefit in this field.

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