Hot Zone Book vs. Movie

•In the book, we have Nancy and Jerry, and they are very important characters who deal with Ebola. Also they are married. In the movie, Sam and his ex-wife shares similar rolls like Nancy and Jerry. They try to stop the outbreak of Ebola virus in the monkey house. In the movie Sam and his ex-wife is divorced and still have problems between them. •movie changed ‘Ebola’ to an Ebola-like virus called Motaba, the conditions of both diseases proved to be similar.

•The army took strong precautions in both cases, wearing Level 4 body-suits in the presence of the virus •They tried to contain a town and bomb it, and that made it so surreal that it eventually became difficult to take anything the movie says seriously. This made the movie fictional, and took away from the threat and danger of this deadly disease. •Robbie and Sam in the movie. It made it somewhat of a romantic love story •Daniels- equivalent to Jaaxs.

•movie didn’t focus on the monkey house at all.
•The pet store kind of took the place of the monkey house in that the host infected others at the pet store.

•both have a laboratory monkey escaping from its cage.
•In the movie, the host monkey that was smuggled gets loose and threatens the lives of human race. In the book, one of the sick monkey in Reston escapes from its cage and Jerry spends days trying to catch it. •similar is the potential rip in the space suits.

•Both Sammy Daniels and Jerry Jaax share a strong concern over his wife or ex-wife working with in the hot zone with the virus •Finally, the doctors in the book tried to help the villagers the best that they could, and eventually ended up leaving the village and the people behind. In the movie, the village, that had many people infected with the virus, was obliterated by a bomb •In movie, they catch the monkey responsible for everything.

?The book The Hot Zone, by Richard Preston, starts with a description of the activities of Charles Monet before and during when he had Marburg. The description of Monet’s extreme symptoms and death in the first chapter illustrate that this …

This more of an assignment then an essay to help people who are reading the Hot zone. Diction: choice of words Tone: The attitude of the speaker or writer as revealed in the choice of vocabulary. The Hot Zone by …

The Hot Zone This book is about how the deadly Ebola virus made its way through many countries and almost caused a major epidemic in the United States, but mostly in Virginia. This book focuses on the effects of when …

The Hot Zone by Richard Preston was published in New York in 1994, consisting of 422 pages. I would rate this book a six because of its sporadic storyline. It provided some scenes that glued my eyes to the pages …

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