High blood pressure

Can increase the chances of poor diet choices due to a lack of variety of shops. Poor quality of foods will limit the amount of vitamins and minerals required to sustain a healthy diet An individual that has poor transport links may loose out in better healthcare having to register with who ever is closer rather than a bigger health clinic that may be further away. This can also cause further problems for an individual requiring a doctor in the middle of the night and will have to rely on public transport or paying for a taxi to get there. Having poor access to health services means an individual can be ill informed of up to date health care services.

Family contact and socialising with friends can be limited for an individual with poor transport links it can make them feel cut off trapped and this can lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. It can also have impacts on what job an individual can get too and that limits salary opportunities, this in turn can lead to a small budget for daily living, poor housing, lack of good diet and a minimal if any disposable income for hobbies.

Individuals with particular dietary needs may find accessibility a problem for example someone who is Jewish eats Kosher food, and will have to access a specialist shop to purchase it, this will make them feel stressed as it is linked to their religion and culture, stress can make them feel unwell and can lead to high blood pressure and stomach cramps, if someone is unable to follow their choice of religion it can make them feel cut off from family and friends which would make the depression even worse.

If the dietary needs are because of a medical condition this can make accessibility to good food choices really hard. For example someone who a diabetic, needs a gluten free diet, or has crones disease will have to travel further to find a better variety of food shops, if they cant they may miss out on a varied balanced diet, or be tempted to eat the only foods that are available and this could make their condition worse if they do not meet their particular dietary needs.

Local shops offer a smaller selection of food and do not have the buying power of larger supermarkets. They have a smaller selection of fresh vegetables and often have more convenience foods. Special offers may be given but are not necessary linked to good diet choices this can then make an individual have an unbalanced diet that can weaken the immune system. A person that does not eat a balanced diet can develop the following conditions;

Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Sugar in the blood that is too much for the body to use completely is stored as fat. Too much fat in the body can lead to obesity, and obesity is known to trigger diabetes and heart disease. “If you don’t eat your five-a-day then you are more at risk of heart disease, strokes and some cancers.” (www.5aday.nsh.co.uk) A person that has limited contact with others can feel cut off and isolated, this can lead them to feel unwanted and give them a low self esteem, people with low self esteem spend little time on themselves which can lead to not eating, and a low amount of personal hygiene and depression.

An individuals accessibly to services can be simple a time constraint, for example not all doctors surgery’s are open in the evening, or at the weekend this would make people who work have to take time off to see a GP, if they cant do this because of loosing pay or feeling that they may loose their job as they are asking for time off, this may make them delay in seeing a GP which could make their condition worse, this would be very different for someone who lives in walking distance of a surgery that is open at weekends that amount of stress would immediately be reduced as that person would see a doctor out of work hours and any further medical conditions be stopped.

Some NHS trusts do not offer all services free (fertility treatment, some cancer drugs etc) this is something that the media call the ‘postcode lottery’ which simply means that you can only access the health services that are offered in your area and if they are not there then you miss out on this service being available to you, unless you have the finances to pay for it privately and this can cost a lot of money putting more stress on family members to find the money to help pay for treatment, if a spouse cant help pay for treatment they may feel they have let their partner down and that despair can lead to break down in communications and eventually the marriage. To conclude, I have looked at four factors that can affect the health and social needs of an individual in society, by taking each one further it can be seen that these can have health implications on an individual. People working in a care setting need to be able to understand that lifestyle can have a huge impact on an individuals health and social care needs.

High blood pressure is the most common and chronic medical condition among fifty million Americans today. High blood pressure can result to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and other cardiovascular diseases. These complications result to more than 35,000 deaths in the …

Blood pressure is common among every individual. This refers to the pressure brought about by the blood flowing through the blood vessels, causing the walls of the vessels to stretch and contract. There are two types of readings associated in …

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Apart from the presence of estrogen hormones, there are other factors to take into consideration regarding employed married women and their susceptibility to contracting high blood pressure. One is their family history. Women who come from families with a history …

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