Heart in a Box

“How long can a human heart sit in a cooler of ice—thirsty for vein-borne blood, detached from ox y gen and lungs—before it becomes useless to the transplant patient who desperately needs it? ” (Ballingall) Studies have shown that for up to 4 hours a transplanted heart can stay strong and healthy in a cooler of ice, but past six hours is too long for the heart to be stable, and its impossible to predict whether the heart will reject the recipient or not. In an article on May 2009 Caplan said “Hearts are very fragile and can sometimes be damaged by the current standard method of preserving them on ice.

” So the TransMedics came up with this machine, heart in the box which is known as the Organ Care System, is made by TransMedics Inc. , of Andover, Mass. This device keeps the heart pumping. “Inside the new transportable box, a machine pumps donor blood through the heart without requiring cold temperatures or artificial preservative fluids. The company says a heart kept functioning this way can be preserved for at least 24 hours. ” (Caplan). The doctors have agreed that the heart will be able to be taken anywhere, without the result of failing the heart, through the process of transportation.

Andrew Kessel said that the “Massachusetts based company has raised $27. 6 million in series B funding. Their proprietary machine pumps warm, nutrient-rich oxygenated blood through the donor heart until it is ready for transplant. The heart is kept in a sterile compartment that simulates the conditions within the human body, allowing it to function normally while outside the body. Along with the life-support systems, the TransMedics machine also has the capabilities for performing the necessary diagnostics that doctors require before the heart is transplanted through the use of a wireless monitor.

” This way has been being used all over. This way the heart is securely safe, and easy to be transported and used on the recipients. John Farrier was astonished by this invention this is how he described the heart in a box. “Imagine a human heart, beating in a box, as it arrives in the operation room for a life-saving transplant, Its is an almost science fiction-like concept, but it is reality, and now undergoing testing for FDA approval at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. For 40 the professionals have been take a heart and preserving it in a cooler, to transport it to other medical center, where the heart is used.

The concept of this Heart in the Box, so that it won’t be preserved in ice, but in a beating box, which helps them make it easier to find the perfect donor, and it works for long distance. this ay there are less rejection and the donor wont reject the heart, this way” (John Farrier). There are millions of heart rejected by the recipient all over the world, due to the lack of care given to the heart. But now thanks to this new invention there are millions of positive result throughout US. Works Cited Arthur Caplan (AC) [Internet]. [updated 2007 May 21].

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