Healthy relationship

Among the ingredients of a healthy relationship according to Daryl Campbell includes listening, small occasion celebration, and knowing her people. Listening according to Campbell is a way of providing a communication on the part of the woman partner. The lack of communication according to Campbell can be very frustrating to women. Small occasion on the other hand provides surprises that are very important in maintaining healthy relationship.

Remembering and giving importance for instance on anniversary of your first date, or some particular occasion such as birthday can be a relationship boaster. Aseya Me cited basic ingredients that are important in maintaining healthy relationship as follows: 1. A sense of respect for each other – Respect for each other’s individuality and unique personality means that you value and understand each other’s differences and not trying to change the other’s personality to suit to the other partner’s taste or likes.

It means giving some room for self expression and actualization. 2. Trust for each other – As discussed above, trust is very important component of a healthy relationship. It means being confident in each other’s feelings. While jealousy is said to determine one’s feelings, yet extreme jealousy kills a relationship. Trusting each other helps maintain a healthy relationship because it made both partner more responsible in their relationship. 3. Honesty with each other — Honesty goes in tandem with trust that each partner is truthful.

Honesty must be prominent in a relationship because when lying takes place even just ones, it would be difficult to trust next time as suspicion of dishonesty will always crop up. 4. Supportiveness – Helping hand will always be a good way of showing supportiveness. There are times that one of the partners is going through difficult and problematic times. While there may be some people out of nowhere to offer a helping hand during these difficult days, yet during the happy times, they are not available.

What is more important in this case is that supportiveness should be displayed both during the happy times and during the difficult times. 5. Fairness – This word is very important trait for everybody. In a relationship, taking turns in making a decision should be practiced in order to avoid manipulation of the other. Single decision making at all times will soon lead to power struggle that might be destructive to both partners. 6. Separate Identities – As some one has said, everyone is a “unique person”.

In a relationship, there should some room for compromise, and neither of the party should attempt to remodel the identities of the other. Relationship should not be a means to which one could lose his or her identities. Giving way to the other at particular situation could build a better relationship. 7. Open communication – This is very important in any given relationship. Open communication gives way for better understanding, for knowing each other especially strength and weaknesses, and for being able to adjust with each other’s personality.

Open communication provides a better and healthy relationship because it prevents misunderstanding and miscommunication. The different article used in this paper provided quite a similar discussion on the topic. They have similar pattern of ideas perhaps because the topic is very common and there are countless of literature dealing on the subject having the same ideas presented. Another thing perhaps why these articles provided similar ideas is that most of these literatures are pattern after the Christian counseling manuals which were based on Biblical concept of relationships.

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