Healthcare program Policies

It could well be stated that there are a number of problems arising lately due to the unprecedented rise of the health care premiums. And personalities like Dos states that it has been seen that recently people are reluctant to be covered due to high rates of premium and it has also been established that the health insurance coverage are unable to negate with the costs of health care.

It was also found that about 255 of the US citizens are badly affected by medical expenses to the point that their life style had been changed due to that and it is no secret that more than 80% of the clients of health insurance are extremely dissatisfied with the health care premiums and feels that government must address these issues. Thus for the moment it is important to control the costs of health insurance premiums by the means of budgetary controls of premium costs.

The other method could have been a total price control but that would be a very long termed operation and heath is a significantly urgent issue to be addressed and solved and Dos is in favor of that move but he opposes any move that give rise to any Universal healthcare program because that would be very costly for the nation. He believes in financial negotiation with the companies instead with the help of the Federal Authority. (Dos, 441-442) However, there is a substantial opposition relating to this issue. It is argued that “healthcare crisis in the United States is cutting people short of their lives, and proper care they deserve.

The Universal healthcare program will make it so that millions of underinsured or uninsured Americans can be covered under a single-payer program. The current private health insurance that is available is too costly and Americans are unable to obtain pricey prescriptions, and medical treatment they need. ” (Provided by the student) According to Creek Literally, prevention is better than cure; Universal healthcare program Policies will provide widespread research and development the mechanisms for ensuring Public Health.

Uninsured Americans suffer a lot due to lack of sufficient and adequate Health care and lack of exposure to prevention services. Medical crisis occur due to the failure to seek the necessary medical care. Emergency hospitalizations are common cases due to conditions like Diabetes. Insurance companies need to be given subsides by the Government so that they can cover all cases of illness to some patients due to the terminal nature of their illness with the help of a well formulated Universal healthcare program Policies.

He believes that every citizen of America, either a residents or non-resident should be able to access medical attention at any time of the day. Funds will be provided by our Government to research on the various causes of terminal illness diseases and the Ministry of Health will be able to offer preventive medication to all people whether insured or not through the intervention of the proposed Universal healthcare program Policies. Creek also argues that some diseases, especially life-threatening illness may need more curative measures and prevention may not be applicable.

The government should be ready to pass bills that will enable administration of preventive medication for all cases. The Health Ministry can avoid further occurrence of diseases that may not be prevented from affecting people with the help of Universal healthcare program Policies. The case of HIV Aids will be on focus and citizens need to be educated on abstinence, being faithful and the use of condoms. Americans need more democrat senators to provide adequate Public Health on Health care reform through the Universal healthcare programs. (Creek, 166-70)

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