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Montgomery General Hospital is a hospital located in Olney, in the Montgomery County. It is also known as the county’s oldest hospital in providing acute health care. This hospital, moreover, is actively involved in the provision of medical teachings, residency programs, physician recruitment, clinical trials, programs in research and other programs in outpatient treatment. To increase its capacity in treating and caring for its patients, the hospital had to undertake a $30 million expansion program.

This expansion was aimed at acquiring a larger emergency department, a new area for outpatient services, cafeteria renovation, enlargement of the block in which the administrative offices were housed and upgrade the rooms for private patients (The Medical Bulletin, 2008). Apart from providing a patient’s care service for healing purposes, this hospital also provided an environment that nurtured the patients. Furthermore, this healthcare institution valued the patients and their respective families.

Montgomery General Hospital also provides various diverse services and programs. Examples include a center for maternal newborn, a joint replacement center for general surgery, a program in cancer care, a vascular and cardiac program and a pediatric center that is separate. Montgomery Hospital Medical Center (MHMC), another of the hospital’s center, is aimed at improving the community’s overall health status by providing a high quality healthcare service.

Moreover, MHMC identifies and avails the service to members in its community who can hardly make ends meet in getting quality healthcare. Therefore, to the above stated individuals, this becomes a charity care service. According to Cooper, provision of customer focused services compassionately and satisfactorily helps a hospital to gain a positive reputation (Cooper, 2000). In its policy to identify those eligible for the charity care service, MHMC does not rely on either vendors, who are aliens or limited physicians.

Additionally, the hospital through the aforesaid policy is in a position to differentiate between patients who are absolutely unable to meet the charges associated with the treatment and are uninsured from those who, out of their own free will, decide not to pay part or all of the service cost implications. In determining the eligibility of a patient for the charity care service, the patient access manager is bestowed with this responsibility (Montgomery Hospital, 2006). The charity care worksheet plays a crucial role in helping these personnel in his/her access task.

Due to the growing needs of the community, Montgomery General Hospital entered into a merger with Medstar Health which will support the hospital’s healthcare provision efforts. Patients with chronic and acute liver diseases such as fatty liver, hepatitis B or C, hemachromatosis among others, also get their problems solved, through assessment and management, in the Montgomery Liver Disease Center (MLDC). This is facilitated by the hospital’s FDA therapy. Furthermore, MLDC provides regular on-sit liver disease support group that in carried out on a monthly basis.

On the other hand, Johns Hopkins Hospital is a biomedical research facility and a teaching hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. This hospital is under the umbrella of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. It not only strives in being a world leader in diagnosis but also in treatment of diseases and dedicated in the training of great nurses, physicians and scientists to the tomorrow’s generation. According To Funaro (1993), most of successful hospitals have managed to maintain a diversified service and product delivery to their patients.

In this note, John Hopkins hospital has taught and nurtured numerous specialists in urology, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, endocrinology, child psychiatry and pediatrics. In its basement stages, the hospital drove its efforts in checking the spread of diseases through ventilation and heating technologies. Currently, Johns Hopkins Hospital is ranked first in the entire United States of America for the treatments in gynecology, urology, rheumatology, neurology and neurosurgery and in throat, ear and nose operations.

In addition, both in Maryland and the entire USA, it has a very good reputation in other areas of treatment such as ophthalmology, endocrinology and diabetes, psychiatry and in dealing with kidney disorders. According to the latest survey results on patient satisfaction, a high percentage of satisfaction was evident. Even some discharged patients recommending their friends and families to have their healthcare needs met in this hospital. This hospital is also credited and acknowledged to have staffs that are experts in services such as rehabilitation, pulmonology, heart surgery and orthopedics.

Since it was characterized by frequent loses of medical documents due to the many different printing solutions, the hospital decide to adopt a single standardized printing stand strategy to curb this problem. Besides, this platform accommodated a vast range of prerequisites from the vendors in printing software and led to the speedy printing of large volumes. Both the Montgomery General Hospital and Johns Hopkins Hospital are not for profit operating organizations; they have the same aim in providing the highest quality healthcare service to their patients.

In addition, apart from offering outpatient, patient support services and inpatient care services, both hospitals are involved in community-based healthcare outreach. Montgomery Hospital has the Charity Care while Johns Hopkins Hospital practices health cars and health screenings. Yet as a common feature in these hospitals, they are endowed with therapeutic and diagnostic services such as single photon emission CT and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). References Funaro, F. (1993).

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