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Sources of Health Information Type of Health-Related Information Marketing Messages How the Consumer May Assess the Accuracy or Reliability of the Marketing Messages List the information source, such as Internet websites, WebMD, MedLine, or the news media. Type of information provided by the source List at least one marketing message being communicated to the consumer within this information source. List one approach the consumer may use to verify the accuracy of the marketing message Website relating to Zyrtec McNEIL-PPC, Inc. (n. d. ). Zyrtec. Retrieved from http://www. zyrtec. com/e consumer/zyrtec/index. v iew.

Example: Information relating to the use of Zyrtec in the treatment of allergies` Example: Zyrtec is a fast-acting allergy medicine that maintains its effect for 24 hours after a single dose Example: Use the product to assess whether it works as stated. Website relating to Panadol Advance-Glaxo SmithKline Consumer Information relating to the pains that can be tempo- rarily treated using Panadol Advance is a smart choice of pain relief.

It contains paracetamol, Because Panadol is based on Paracetamol, the user can research the HEALTH CARE MARKETING INFORMATION MATRIX 2 Healthcare. Retrieved from http://panadol. com/AllAbout Pain/index. html Panadol Advance (Glaxo SmithKline Consumer Healthcare Panadol, n. d). so is easy on the stom- ach, but breaks up in the stomach up to five times faster than ordinary parac- etamol tablets. effectiveness of Paraceta- mol.

The patient can equally use the product to evaluate whether it per- forms as stated, if the user does not have any aller- gies with Paracetamol. Website relating to Nurofen Reckitt Benckiser Pty Ltd, Nurofen Zavance. In Nurofen, Retrieved from http://www. nurofen. – com. au/pain-relief/prod- ucts/zavance_tablet- s. php Information relating to the pains that Nurofen can cure is advertised.

It also lists the ingredients used to manufacture the drug (Reckitt Benckiser Pty Ltd: Nurofen, n. d). Nurofen Zavance tablets provide fast effective relief for pains ranging from mild to moderate. Nurofen Zavance is absorbed in the patient`s bloodstream quickly, and so it reaches the source of pain quickly. The user can visit the lo- cal pharmacist or consult his or her physician to en- quire the effectiveness of Nurofen. Website relating to Tylenol: McNEIL-PPC, Inc. (n. d. ). Tylenol.

Retrieved from http://www. tylenol. – com/page. jhtml? id=tylenol/painex/sub- pure4. inc Information relating to what Tylenol does and how it cures different types of pain (McNEIL-P- PC, Inc. : Tylenol, n. d). Tylenol works by shifting the body’s overall pain threshold, such that the patient feels less pain. It starts working as soon as it is taken, and does not ir- ritate your stomach like the non-steroidal anti-in- flammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as naprox- en sodium, aspirin, and ibuprofen.

Use the product to assess whether it works as stat- ed. Website relating to Lyri- ca, Retrieved from The advert offers Information related to Lyrica is approved by the Food and Drug Consult a doctor to recommend if Lyrica is HEALTH CARE MARKETING INFORMATION MATRIX 3 http://www. lyrica. com/D PN/talking-to-your-doc- tor medical conditions and pains that LYRICA can treat Administration to treat diabetic nerve pain (Lyrica: Explore tips for talking to your doctor about diabetic nerve pain, n. d). right for your condition Website relating to Nexium AstraZeneca (n. d).

Retrieved from http://www. purplepill. co m/ Information related to safe use of the drug and information related to the specific cause of the condition, which the drug treats (AstraZeneca: Nexium, n. d) 24-hour relief for patients with heartburn due to acid influx Patients having the stated symptoms can use thedrug  to test its effectiveness Website relating to Cele- brex Retrieved from http://www. celebrex. – com/default. aspx Information relating to how Celebrex is used (Celebrex Arthritis Treatment, n. d) Just a single 200mg Celebrex per day can offer 24-hour relief for many people suffering from arthritis pain and inflammation.

Patients with symptoms should use the drug to test its effectiveness. However, it should not be used prior to or after certain heart surgeries and elderly patients taking aspirin. HEALTH CARE MARKETING INFORMATION MATRIX 4.

References AstraZeneca: Nexium (n. d). Retrieved from http://www.> Celebrex: Arthritis Treatment. (n. d). Retrieved from http://www. celebrex. com/default. aspx. Glaxo SmithKline Consumer Healthcare: Panadol. (n. d). Retrieved from http://panadol. com/All About Pain/index. html Lyrica: Explore tips for talking to your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. (n. d). Retrieved from: http://www. lyrica. com/DPN/talking-to-your-doctor McNEIL-PPC, Inc. : Tylenol. (n. d). Retrieved from http://www. tylenol. com/page. jhtml? id=tylenol/painex/subpure4. inc Reckitt Benckiser Pty Ltd: Nurofen (n. d) Retrieved from http://www. nurofen. com. au/pain-relief/products/zavance_tablets. php.

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