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With the closure of the safety net hospitals in various places, many of the customers together with the public health were affected either directly or indirectly. The paper will look at some of the effects that it caused to customers and on the public health. On the customers, the number of the people who could be accessed to the trainings offered to them reduced from 71% to 31% as to the reduction of the number of net hospitals in the area (Walker, Calmes, Hanna, & Baker, 2006).

This makes the people of the areas to be denied the access of the health information and thus increasing the percentage of the probability of the one to be affected. The customers were also denied the ready access to the health facilities. Before the closure of the net hospitals, the people were used to the close distant facilities which enabled them to get quick services in time of need (Blank, & Valdmanis, 2007, pp 172). With their closure, they were forced to waist lot of time looking for the facilities wherever they were.

This increased the level of living to the customers. Basing on the public health, they were affected in such a way that the number of the physicians who were being trained at the net hospitals reduced drastically. This in return reduces the quality of the services being offered at the hospital (Amalberti, Auroy, Berwick, & Barach, 2005, pp 756). As result to this, the public health has been faced with high cost inquired in the available hospitals to educate the locals as well as the specialist at their region.

Other than that, they have to cover the extra cost of visiting the people in the rural in which they have no access to the health facilities around them. With the less number of the net hospitals around, the people tend to overpower them. This has made the service provide to work under stress and thus being unable to provide adequate and quality services to the customers. Market trends This is the way in which the hospital is able to be attractive to the customers in the market. Every organization needs to consider the market trend of their product whenever they are coming up with anew strategic plan.

In hospital, the administration has to ensure that they offer variety of services at their centers. This is very essential element as it will minimize the number of times that they need to refer the patient to another hospital or even the cost they inquire in calling in the specialist at their centers. They also need to consider the customer need. The hospital has to observe the need that the areas in which are situated want so that they can be able to offer the service to the patients. Lastly, they have to observe on the accessibility of their services to the customer.

The hospital has to ensure that the services that they are offering to the customers are near to them and thus, they have to make all the efforts needed to avail it to the customers. This will help them to minimize on the number of trips that they will make to visit the customers who are far away from the facility centre. Conclusion With the effect of the basic elements of the market trends considered in any of the hospital country wide, the hospitals will be able to attend to all health problems in the country regardless of the number of the facilities available. Reference Walker, K. O. , Calmes, D. , Hanna, N.

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