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The definition of health is quite complex. For an uneducated mind health maybe defined to the status of their stamina, complexion of your skin, or even the strength of their breathing. But the World Health Organization (WHO), health is the defined by a person’s physical, mental and social well being and not just the absence of illness or abnormalities (Anonymous, N. D). Your physical health pertains to your Physical bodies’ state in summation the overall harmony of the function and condition of your whole physical system.

Your mental health is someone’s’ state of mind, it is a determinant o\if a person is sane or insane. And lastly our social well-being this is closely related or tied down to a person’s mental health because this will be a byproduct of the latter. It is the outcome of how we relate to our environment, given that man as a being is relational. On a deeper study, health has six dimensions. According to the Kenyon college office of health and safety, they are the following; Physical, Social, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and environmental (Anonymous, N.

D. ). Our emotional health is actually considered at some parts to be important in the corporate world because it is a person’s ability to adapt to changes. Our spiritual health is highly debatable but scientifically speaking it is ones state of relationship in some force or higher being. Collectively and studied on average this compromises someone’s health. Personally I feel that I am strongest in my Emotional, Physical, Spiritual health the following was stated in chronological order.

I attest that I am strongest in Emotional state because it is developed in the nature of my work. I am an engineer by profession and my work environment and its requirements develop my ability to adapt and react to its predicaments. My Physical health is the second because, I keep myself healthy, I keep it a point to go to the gym and be active, and meanwhile keeping my diet healthy and I do take a lot of supplements.

My Spiritual health is not the least though it is the last, I can say so because I know from my self assessment that I am well attached and firm in my beliefs and I do keep activities and key points to keep it so. It is not bad but for the sake of evolvement I feel that I need improvements in my Social, Environmental, and Mental. I believe that I need more improvement in my social health. I haven’t have enough test to properly assess this part, but I know that my social life is not that good, “not much playground to play on” so to speak.

For this reason I believe I need to expand my social horizon. On my environmental health, I need to be more in touch mainly in my chosen specialization, I mean I know I am physically there but maybe because this is not my ideal job I think I need to change industry to be more linear to my calling. And lastly my mental health, this is pretty tricky but I guess I haven’t been given to much room to learn things, I believe I need to explore more get out or my comfort zone and do other things rather than my day to day routines.

I want to learn more on self assessment in terms of health. I can never be accurate without a third party involvement because the evaluation might be bias. I want to learn practices or habits that will gradually but effectively change my unwanted lifestyle and make it something innate. Therefore my pursuance of total health may take its concrete step to its goal. References: Anonymous, (N. D). Health. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Health. para 1 Anonymous, (N. D). Six Dimensions of health. http://ehs. kenyon. edu/SixHlthD. html

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