Health Care Spending

There are many issues with health care spending predicting the upcoming years. There are many questions individuals ask, such as will the premium and deductible be affordable? How will it affect the health care spending? And will it reduce health care cost? After reviewing the article Health Care Reform 2 it describes important issues with the Obamacare. The article states the Obamacare will not reduce health care spending because the Obamacare the achievement source will begin next year. However, it does not show the government how successful the Obamacare will be or either shows how it will benefit the economy.

The author opinion of the Obamacare will not decrease health care spending he feels like it would increase the health care spending. His predicts in 11 years Americans will spend $1. 8 trillion on the new government funding for the poor and middle-class individuals uninsured to obtain health insurance and to increase. In review from the author point-of-view the Obamacare law does not address or control the sudden increase of health care cost. The next question was stated was will the Obamacare reduce reimbursement for Medicare physicians?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid department has predicted Americans will spend $36. 8 trillion over the next 10 years in health care. “The author’s opinion without passing the Obamacare law, the country will spend less than $500 billion in the next ten10 years” (Howard, 2013, p. 1) If the Obamacare is passed will families and employers face raising cost? The article states from the time when the Obamacare passed it have increased health care by 11. 3%, Depending on the family size working families will have to add in 27%, more on his or her part.

By dropping out-of-pocket cost for consumers the Obamacare will decrease incentives of the health care cost for the consumers. Overview of the author point of view he believes the Obamacare law whether the president or Democrats are prepared to face the cognitive disagreement from others when the Obamacare law is prepared. My opinion regarding the article Health Care Reform 2. 0 it does have some concerns that I have. One would be what if the law does not help the economy will the law no longer be able to obtain and those who have the Obamacare will he or she lose the health care coverage?

Another concern will the rates raise once the Obamacare go into affect once the government is sure the health care works for Americans. However, I feel like the cost of the Obamacare law will help the health care cost once each individual obtains his or her health care plan. I do not think it is fair for those who refuse to provide health care coverage either with the Obamacare or a private insurance he or she will get penalized when it concerning tax time. I understand the important of health care coverage, but I am sure there will be some individual the Obamacare will affect his or her finances.

If each individual are required to purchase either the Obamacare law or provide his or her own health insurance plan this will decrease health care cost for Americans as a result, the net will reduce of the debit of health care cost. It will as well ensure proper care for each individual. When individual who have health care coverage will go properly for doctor visits, check-up, receive lab work, and take medication as prescribed. “Currently the $2. 8 trillion Unites States system has cost almost $9,000 a year for each individual the Obamacare will reduce individual with bankruptcy” (Cost of Obamacare: Obamacare Cost, 2010, p. ).

I believe with the reduction cost of the Obamacare more individual will be qualified for Medicaid or Medicare. This will help the elderly receive the care he or she needs long-term care or short-term care. There are many elderly who does not qualify for Medicare because his or her age, as well Medicare does not cover entirely medical expenses. With the Obamacare law we all hope this will help the elderly receive the care he or she needs and as well cover all of his or her medical expenses.

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