Health care delivery

This paper focuses on how the advent of technology has helped in decreasing mortality rate. With the development in technology everyday, it has been possible all over the globe to tackle so many ailments that often lead to death. E. g. AIDS, diabetes, tuberculosis etc. most of the equipment needed for effective health care delivery are now available for use by qualified physicians. Technology as an independent variable has the required methods and ways of bringing a decrease to mortality most especially when compared with the 18th and part of 19th century when technology has not evolved.

During this period, so many people lost their lives because they lack the required knowledge in treating minor ailments. Imagine there was nothing to even diagnose an ailment not to talk of providing a solution. Apart from health wise, technology has also helped in the provision of machines like cranes, tractors, cars and planes so there is no more need to be trekking 800 miles per day in order to do a manual labor. The following under listed and explained methods would show how technology will effectively bring decrease to mortality.

REDUCTION IN HEALTH COST. Technology has allowed every Tom, Dick and Harry to be able to go to hospitals for cure instead of being afraid of how to foot the bills. Since all the required medical materials are produced in bulk and sold at a very cheap rate, it would be easy for patients not to go for self medication instead go to a qualified personnel who will diagnose and prescribe drugs which will be affordable when compared to the live is going to save.

DOCTOR/PATIENT RATIO In the past, a doctor was always responsible to about 50 patients because there were no medical facilities that could assist him so every thing must be done manual except for division of labor amongst staff. Even some of the drugs prescribed then might not be available in the nearest pharmaceutical company. This make the doctor focus more on critical patients only to come back to the rest and see them at the verge of death.

With the advent of technology, doctor/patient ratio has decreased to 1 doctor to 5 patients with so many medical facilities that will help the doctor to network all the 5 patients together and diagnose, prescribe and also take care of them at the same time without being scared of loosing a life. EARLY DETECTION OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES. Unlike in the past when communicable diseases are only known when it has affected ? of the whole population. E. g. AIDS evolution. But with technology, it is easy for researchers to know when a communicable disease is present.

With the help of scientists, they are ale to procure a solution to it before it destroys the whole population. Technology made it easy for them to come up with thesis that can even be tested on a computer system without having to be looking for samples all around. Look at the issue of SARS an acute respiratory system that killed some people in the Asian continent. If not for the help of technology that rounded up the ailment, only God knows how many continents that would have been affected. PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE

This has been possible through the help of orientations or jingles made available by NGOs, people are made to be aware of the cause of some ailments like cholera, typhoid etc and the best method through which they can get rid of it or not even allow it affect them. The preventive method doesn’t allow an epidemic to happen before providing a solution; instead it prevents it from happening. So many populaces could be orientated at the same time through the help of technological gadgets. PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION During the conventional days, people just live for living sake.

They do not really know much about their personal self. They eat anything, drink any liquid and sleep anywhere, without knowing that people should be categorized in their ways of life. With the advent of technology, t became possible for them to go for medical check ups, know what to eat and also know the type of environment they should live in order to prolong their lives. PROVISION OF TRANSPORTATION MACHINES Gone are the days when people have to go miles in order to purchase things. There was no easy way of transporting.

This made so many people die on the way to other places since they would e dehydrated but with technology, people can always travel by rail sea, land and air comfortably without loosing a drop of water in the body EASY WAY TO WORK Before a task can be achieved in an organization, human beings must work like animals since there was no substitute to hand work but with technology, machines or equipment have been produced that can perform the task of 1,000,000 at a time and so also there are robots that can even work under the supervision of a person.

This has really reduced mortality rate because humans no longer over work themselves. DEVELOPMENT OF MEDICAL AND ASSISTIVE DEVICES. So many devices are now available in our hospitals nowadays and the doctors and the nurses on duty have less to do because the major thing they do is operate the devices while it works on human. Presently, there are devices that even perform operations on human without the surgeon holding a knife. This has helped when compared with the past when doctors do trial and errors on the life of patients.

GOOD STANDARD OF LIVING When one is not living good, there is possibility that such a person will result in to thinking which often increases the blood pressure. But with technology, one can visually have anything that would bring a good living to one. Talk of gymnastic machines, swimming pools, media facilities etc. through this, people have learnt to relax. Finally, technology has really helped in bringing a decrease to mortality because all and sundry are now aware that there is no replacement to life.

So the best way to live it is by being careful and having regular checks so also one can always call the nearest health care service in a street in case one discovers any unrelated symptoms. There is no way the advent of technology would not even bring more decrease to mortality since our technologists, researchers, scientists are all working without rest to learn new things that would even provide more efficient living to people. Who knows before the next century if there would be no mortality at all?

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