Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are both major parts in our lives. Although health and wellness are keys in living a long life, a lot of people are ill, have unhealthy habits, are obese, and are out of shape. Three top elements of health and wellness we would like to increase in society would have to be exercise, eating healthy, and health awareness. Exercise is a good way to keep your body moving. There are many different types of exercises that work out many parts of the body such as push-ups, which works out your arms, and sit-ups, which works out your abdomen. Exercise is very good for working out the heart.

Eating healthy should be number one, because if you exercise and don’t eat right, then you could possibly be canceling out your exercise with all of the excess calories that you are putting into your body. Eating healthy things, such as fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet can really make a difference in the long run. Look at it like this, when you are younger, your parents use to tell you eat your vegetables and drink your milk so you can grow big and strong. Well as a young adult, you are still growing where old cells are diminishing, and you need fuel to continue this process.

That’s what these different vitamins and nutrients are for. If you are not aware of your health or health hazards, it’s time to aware yourself. You have to be mindful of what you put in your body. Have you ever heard of the saying, “you are what you eat? ” For example, if you eat a bunch of sugary foods, then you will get a quick sugar rush, and later on crash and feel lazy. But if you eat a serving of fruit, vegetable, and a couple more healthy choices, you will feel more energized and aware of your day.

It is also a good idea to get frequent check-ups and physicals. This will let you know how your health is from a professional, and what better way to find out than from someone who went to school for it. Nutrition and fitness should stay an active part of our lives until we either pass away, or are disabled and can’t do task as fitness exercises.

You can always get nutrition, whether it’s from food, all the way to pills and injections if needed. The best thing to do to stay fit while you are young is to get up and move. It is good to do at least one group of intermediate exercise a day, at least three to four times a week for twenty to thirty minutes. This allows your body to build muscle and maintain the muscle.

Everyone is at risk for some type of illness or disease in their lifestyle. Three major chronic diseases are cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Chronic diseases are no joke, but there are many ways and strategies to help you in preventing your chances and risk of a chronic disease. There are many types of cancers, such as lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer in males, and ovarian cancer in females. Lung cancer is a big one and its biggest factor is smoking. Smoke in tobacco products produce a tar-like substance, that when inhaled, can leave pieces of tar behind when you exhale.

You can look at your lungs sort of like a filter system in your body that filters oxygen in and carbon-dioxide out. Now you have taken the liberty of adding carbon-monoxide to the filter, which kills, or cancels out oxygen. Over time this blackens the lungs and increases your chances of all types of cancer such as, liver cancer, and caner of the throat and mouth. Some cancer is hereditary and can’t be avoided, but lowering your risk can be the split between life and death. Diabetes is a very common chronic disease for both younger and older people. There’s type one, type two, and gestational diabetes which effects pregnant women.

Diabetes is sometimes called the silent killer, because you will not know you have it until you are diagnosed. Diabetes is associated with high levels of glucose in the body. Blood glucose is essential for the proper functioning of brain cells. High and low levels can lead to central nervous symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, weakness and tremors. Strategies that you could use to try and prevent diabetes are eating healthy foods that don’t have a lot of sugars in them, seeing that one of the most main causes of diabetes is eating foods high and fat and glucose.

Exercise always helps, so try staying active also. Diabetes can also be inherited, so it’s best to do all that you can to prevent it, in case it is a big problem in your family. Cardiovascular disease is also called heart disease. It is diagnosed when a substance called plaque builds up in the arteries. The buildup narrows the arteries, making it harder for blood to flow through. If a blood clot forms, it can stop the blood flow, which can cause a heart attack. Risk for cardiovascular disease is significantly high for people who are obese and smokers.

If you are a smoker, then you can start reducing your risk as soon as you decide to quit. You increase your risk of cardiovascular disease as soon as you smoke a cigarette; it takes about fifteen years to fully reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease if you have smoked a cigarette. If you are obese a good way to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease is to put yourself on a well-balanced diet, and an effective exercise plan. This will reduce fatty tissues in the body, which in return can reduce your risk for the cardiovascular disease. It is essential to remember to eat healthy and don’t cheat on your diet.

Also a good exercise could consist of anywhere between beginners to intense exercise at least three days a week, for twenty to forty minutes. There are many things about chronic diseases that we can’t change, such as heredity and environmental standpoints that would have too big of an effect in some way if changed. Take cigarettes for example. If the government were to make cigarettes illegal, there would be many people who wouldn’t be able to take cope with kind of information. With that being said, the government will not make cigarettes illegal, knowing the fact that it kills and maims thousands of people every year.

Our immune system is what keeps us intact and away from these harmful diseases that the world has unleashed on us. It is our defense mechanism for all of our systems organs and cells. We have to take precautionary steps on the latter of health and wellness. Try to stay away from mostly things that are tobacco products, anything that has too many calories, and of course anything that’s illegal might not be good for you. Exercising and eating healthy is the sure fire way to keep your immune healthy and functioning as it should.


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