Health and safety in play environment – explain the procedures to follow for checking the following in a play environment

1. explain the procedures to follow for safety checking the following in a play environment: • facilities
• equipment
• toilets
• washing areas
• movement and activity of children and young people

In our setting to ensure the safety of the young people and staff we do daily checks that are carried out by members of staff. We list all the checks and sign when checked which the manager then signs off.

Facilities – we check the facilities every day for any hazards or dangers such as wet floors/hall way and any hazards that could cause accidents such as tripping over objects or slipping on wet floors. We must make sure all exits are clear and accessible in case of a fire alarm or emergencies. We check the indoor/outdoor environment to make sure all floors and apparatus are dry and no loose parts that may cause injury, including checking doors, windows, main entrance/exits and cctv is working for extra security of young people and staff.

Equipment – This must be checked before and after all activities take place to ensure it is safe to use for the young people. Equipment can be broken during play and can become hazardous to the young people if objects such as a toy car can have sharp edges is broken and small pieces can be chocked on by the yp. Also making sure the toys and activities are risk assessed and is suitable for the age group involved. Tables and chairs must be check and clean to ensure the equipment is not only safety but is clean also to prevent germs and illnesses spreading in the play environment. We clean the tables, chairs, kitchen and other surfaces used daily with an antibacterial spray and wipes.

Toilets – These are checked and cleaned daily. We check the floors and toilets are clean and dry as they can be hazards and yp may slip and injury themselves badly in the toilet area is this in not reported and cleaned before use. We check the toilet has no leaks or faults, in which the yp will have to use an alternative toilet if toilets are out of order. The locks on the door checked to ensure no yp gets stuck in case of an emergency (fire) where they need to exit but are locked in the toilet.

Washing areas – Staff must check that the washbasins are clean and dry and there’s enough hand soap in dispensers. The hand dry is working if not adequate hand towels are given for the yp to dry their hands after they wash them. Check that all equipment is working and report any problems to management.

Movement and activity – to ensure the children have fun in a safe environment we check the environment for hazards and objects in the way of exits or pathways so yp can move freely and activities are not too restricted that it takes the fun away from the play.

2. explain the security procedures

In our setting we have an intercom system that parents, staff and visitors must buzz through where there is also a cctv system installed In the office so we can monitor who enters the premises at all times to ensure the safety of the yp and staff when indoors and outdoors. A member of staff is always in the office to answer the door. All visitors must sign in and be given a visitors badges when on site. Parents/carers/friends/family must sign each child out with a member of staff. If a visitor has no reason to be on the premise then management will be informed, they will asked to leave and if they refuse then the police will be called. We take a register daily to ensure we know how many yp have attended a.s.c and each name of the child present so in case an emergency we know exactly who is present on that day and if we have any yp missing or injured in session. We record any incidents and accidents that take place in our incident/accident books and have separate accident/incidents forms which are filled out for each individual child, which is checked and signed by managers and then handed to parent signed then we take a copy and give the parents the original copy of the accident/incident form to take home and we keep copies on file. We have fire drills every 3 months to ensure staff and yp know where to go (such as fire
exits, meeting points) and what the procedures (taking a register, leaving possessions behind and head towards meeting point) are if a fire was to take place. Its helps the yp and staff to be prepared for such an event to happen without any injuries All hazardous materials/medicines are kept away from the young people and locked in a cupboard in the hall.

3. Explain the procedures for the storage and administration of medicines at a play environment.

In my setting, medicines are kept away from the children in safe place on the top shelf of the cupboard, some in the top shelf of the fridge. We kept medicines in a box with a medical book with each child’s medical illnesses and medicine they need to take with the doses to be given, which must be signed off when administered with the time and dose given recorded in the medical book. All medicines are labelled with each child’s name and no child is given medicine with parents/carers permission.

Risk Assessment are always completed about once a week, it is good they do a risk assessment because it makes the centre to maintain healthy, safe and secured Health and Safety training for all staff – once a week training, therefore …

1. 2 Identify the lines of responsibility and reporting for health and safety in the work setting All health and safety issues are to be reported to Lynn Taylor. Lynn then ensures all staff are made aware of the issue …

1. 2 Identify the lines of responsibility and reporting for health and safety in the work setting All health and safety issues are to be reported to Lynn Taylor. Lynn then ensures all staff are made aware of the issue …

3.1 Non- medical incidents and emergencies that may occur in the work setting are – * Stranger in the building * Abuse * Frozen taps * No heating * Building collapse * Missing child * Parent could become violent * …

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