Health and Safety

This assignment is all about working safe in a workshop or laboratory and am going to show how to work safe in a workshop and the things you have to do to stay safe and not hearting any one. Also am going to talk about soldering and acid etching.

The general type of behavior should be adopted in electronic/electrical workshop to ensure safe working practice is that you should listen carefully to the instructions given and if you don’t then you end up not doing anything or you could end up hurting your self. Also instructions should be given in how to use equipment, tools and machinery and should get safety training. This will make the person confident in the use of machines and then they could not get an accident or hearting other people. Also you should know the law of health and safety and also use of appropriate PPE. . When the person is finished they should tidy the place up and make it look clean so when other people work there they don’t trip.

There is lots of ways to behave in a workshop. Am going to tell you the five ways to behave in a work shop.

Firstly you should be sensible in a workshop and when entering the workshop and lesson to the person who is telling you what to do. If you behave in a bad way then you won’t know what you’re doing with the machines and you could end up hurting your self or ending up dying.

Secondly you should not be touching machinery that you never used before because you don’t know what you’re doing and you could hurt your self. The time you should touch a machine is when you had experience and when some one showed you how to use the machine and you know what you’re doing.

Thirdly you should not be running in a workshop because it’s very dangerous and you could break your bones and you could end up in a hospital.

Fourthly you should behave in a calm way because if you don’t you could end up hurting your self or some one ells. In the work shop you should know the hazard sign means before starting anything.

Fifthly you should behave as you know what you’re doing in a workshop and be ready for work. Also having your safety equipment because it’s very important to have safe equipment in a workshop. An important thing for management is to carry out a risk assessment.

Now am going to talk about how is not safe to work alone.

It’s not very wise or safe to work alone in a workshop or laboratory because if the person is alone, the person might get hurt and there well be no one supporting the person who’s hurt in a workshop or laboratory. Also it’s not safe to work alone because the person might not know what he/she is doing with the machines and its very dangers for the persons who’s working alone and doesn’t know what they doing. If you work alone you won’t know what you’re doing in a workshop or laboratory. The wise thing is to work with other people who know what they doing and who will support you when you get hurt. The best thing is to work with a person who has very good experience on the machines or equipment

Now am going to talk about entering the workshop or laboratory for the first time. When entering a workshop or laboratory for the first time you should look around and see what’s around you because then you well know what danger you’re in and what you should look out for. Also you should look out for the machines, tools, equipment and the hazard sign which are important because you could hurt your self and end up in a hospital, also you could set the place on fire if you don’t look out for the hazard signs. Also you should look out for the emergency exits so if a fire happens you now the way out of the place and so you don’t get burned. The most important thing is that you should now the health and safety signs before starting.

This is the six hazardous signs that may be found in a workshop or laboratory.

Gouhar lali

Now am going to talk about the risk assessment and why you need to go through it. The risk assessment is when they taking an examination of what could cause harm to people and others in a workshop or laboratory. They do this test to find the risks they are in. They way to get a good risks assessment is to avoid accidents and making shore they don’t get hurt. Risk assessment is a five way stage process and they should follow this way.

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