Health and living conditions

The above mentioned programs are designed to improve the health and living conditions of the marginalized and the needy population. Those programs are mostly being implemented across the states. Adding to these programs which uplift the lives of the marginalized, Texas is implementing an insurance benefit program for the unemployed on the grounds of termination or layoff. The Texas Unemployment Insurance provides benefits such as temporary compensation for unemployed workers who meet eligibility requirements based on the Texas law.

As for this program, the Texas Workforce Commission is tasked to administer the unemployment insurance under the federal guidelines. Unemployment benefits depend on the individual’s earnings (“Texas Unemployment Insurance Benefits”). Although the state of Texas is implementing various programs which aims to improve the living condition of its inhabitants, there are still aspects that are lacking in performance and are needing extra attention and care. As according to William Maxwell, Texas is a promising land as it is abundant in many resources.

Moreover, it is also considered as place where high paying jobs are available for college degree holders. The petroleum industry made Texas an attraction for working class population. However due to immigration, Texas became more diverse as compared to other states. Its population experienced a large increase accompanied with growth on the basic needs of its inhabitants. Although Texas is abundant in many resources, such are not enough to answer the needs of individuals particularly those that relate to health and care.

According to Gary Tschoepe, the politics in Texas somehow affects the low performance of the government concerning health care. To improve the health programs being implemented in the United States, President Barack Obama signed an economic stimulus bill which allocates $5. 45 billion for the Medicaid program which is being shared by the federal and state government in terms of costs and expenditures. Texas, being a federal government, would be given an increase from 60 percent to 66. 2 percent for its health programs. As estimated by the Legislative Budget Board, the federal government of Texas will receive a total of $16.

8 billion for its various programs in health care, homeland security projects, education and others. Accordingly, the budget will be used to pay for 12 months continuous coverage of Medicaid for children, to increase the payment rates of physician as well as to improve the eligibility of the health system which covers the different insurance programs of various groups such as senior citizens, needy family, workers and other marginalized populations (“What Stimulus Means to Texas Health Care”). Works Cited “CHIP/Children’s Medicaid. ” N. d. Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

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