Health and Emergency Preparedness

This paper serves as a research that tends to compare and even contrasts the United States of America’s occupational and Safety effort as well as its Emergency preparedness compared to that of Russia’s. In order to further comprehend and be knowledgeable about the differences or similarities of the said two countries about the topic, this paper tends to identify certain organizations of both the countries which are responsible for safety and health.

Through this research, there are also important facts about the most or primary occupation in both America and Russia, and explained here is whether the said major occupations provide a certain law or policy that will respond for the possible accidents that might occur during the working hours. In addition to this, statistics for the most type of accident that occurs in a certain job such as injuries, fatalities, and property damage are stated to serve as an evidence of the country’s safety effectiveness.

The main goal of this paper is to elaborate the differences of America from Russia when it comes to providing for safety and identify which country provides more effective organization, system, and/or legislative policy regarding with the occupational safety response. USA’s Safety & Health and Emergency Preparedness In the year 2003, a new legislation was imposed and enforced in order to avoid the hazardous substances that could largely affect human’s health.

The act was known as the Canadian Environmental Protection Act or CEPA 1999 (CCOHS, 2007). America has different organizations that are responsible for the safety and health of the country. Each of the organizations responds depending on different situation or different health and safety problems which made it more organized and more effective for them to easily manage any certain occupational hazard. Elaborated below are the USA’s health and safety organizations: ? American Industrial Hygiene Association or AIHA

? This organization is the one responsible for recognition, evaluation, and control management of any environmental factors that comes from within or out of the working place which may result into certain physical injuries, illness, and even those factors that might affect or impact the worker’s wellbeing (HSE, 2007). ? International Society for Fall Protection or ISFP ? The goal of this organization is to disseminate knowledge regarding on how to be prepared on possible heights accidents. They are the ones who provide information in the field where fall protection is a primary need of information.

This organization place the heights safety information through publishing it or conducting seminars for them to share the safety information (HSE, 2007). ? Mine Safety and Health Administration, U. S. Department of Labor or MSHA ? This organization’s primary function is to be the one to execute the Federal Safety and Health Act of 1977 which is basically a safety policy for the mining activity. Their aim is to provide mining protection from any fatal accidents and also to develop the safety management and health management of the nation’s mining environment as well as eliminating all the health hazards if possible (HSE, 2007).

? National Safety Council or NSC ? This organization is responsible for the reduction of such deaths caused by accident, injuries, and also illness prevention through safety precautions (HSE, 2007). ? Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA ? This organization aims to provide protection to the American employees from any safety and health hazards. It promotes and implements different advance safety and health programs (HSE, 2007). Major Occupations Construction ? Retail Trade ? Leisure and Hospitality ? Government ? Professional and Business Services? Manufacturing ? Wholesale Trade ? Mining ?

Transportation and Warehousing ? Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting ? Other Services like Public Administration ? Educational and Health Services ? Financial Activities ? information ? utilities (Statistics, 2007). Statistics According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States of America in the recent report of the year 2006, the occupation which caused the most of fatal accidents and safety hazards is within the transportation. In the year 2006, the BLS reported that of all occupations, highway incidents got the ratio of one out of four in every occupational injury in the United States.

This statistics showed the result of the total fatalities which accounted to 5,703 in the year 2006 report. The report also states that 5,275 of the workers who experienced occupational hazards are men and the rest which accounts to 428 …

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