Gym Tracking

Existing resources will be used with the new system. All the current paper files will become digitized and become accessible within the new system. Most current employee will be able to use the system upon its completion. The need for the new resources is so that there is less time spent on paperwork and more time spent on the customers. The benefit is that the company would keep more customers. It would also be more cost efficient if the data was automatically updated at the time of entry rather than having an employee manually update each customer’s file after each visit.

The cost of the new system would be the training of all employees on how to use the new database, hiring new employees to be part of the IT department and the initial cost for purchasing the new hardware and software. Basic Schedule: Step 1. Identify the activities Step 2. Determine activity relationships (and immediate predecessors of each activity) Step 3. Estimate activity completion times and costs Step 4. Construct an activity network Step 5. Execute forward thinking to determine earliest start and earliest finish times for each activity, and project completion time Step 6.

Execute backward thinking to determine latest start and latest finish times for each activity Step 7. Identify activity slack (length of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the project completion time) Step 8. Find the activities with zero slack; these are critical activities and make up at least one critical path Step 9. Use information from Steps 5 – 8 to develop the activity schedule for the project. Step 10. Find project completion time variance and conduct probability analysis, such as the probability of meeting a customer target completion time, under the condition of uncertainty in activity times.

Step 11. Consider time-cost tradeoffs Step 10. Implement , monitor and control the project The new system would require the hiring of new employees. They would be hired to set up the new database management system and would train the current employees on how to correctly to access and change information stored in the database. A date analyst would be hired to help prepare the reports for the different levels of management. A hardware and software system technician would be hired to watch over the system to run diagnostic checks, and to fix any problems that should arise.

A part time employee could be hired to enter all the initial data files and prepare the employees for the implementation of the new system upon going live. Launch the project It will take the One Stop Fit Shop about a month and a half to implement all intended scheduled activities. First and foremost we must hire a data systems creator or company to design and help implement our new server using Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel programs. This will take a total of 6 days (4 days to hire data systems creator and 2 days to implement system).

Conducting a product test will take 1 day to launch. Any modifications that need to be done will be made during the time. On top of this, we will have to not only have our main server but a back up in case our main one fails or goes down at any time during use. Advertising for the gym will be done at this time and applications/dues for membership will be accepted. After installation of the server and its programs, data entry for the gym in regards to creation of employee files, member files, product files, creditor files, etc. will be entered totaling 5 days of work.

Total paper file entries will take a week to enter at all times. Any modifications that need to be made to company files in the system will be made at this time as well. The advertising for employment will be taking place at this time and interviews of applicants and new employee hires will be done in conjunction to the installation of program files to get employee files in order for the gym launch. Included in this hiring process will be the hiring of a Computer Software Technician incase of technical difficulty who will be on site 5 days a week and available when needed.

Management training will be held for one week, three weeks prior to gym opening, followed by a week and half for regular staff training. By this time paper files should be finished. Reports Operational Reports Payments Collections-Weekly Having an efficient payment collection system allows management to see at any given time what customers are paid up to date, and those who are delinquent. A payment collection system will help efficiently operate payment and collections.

This system will allow us to have better customer care by being able to easily and rapidly pull up customer accounts and also keep track of financial information, so no money is lost or overlooked by accident. Cash Inflow-Monthly Along with an efficient payment collection system, management can now see how much money the gym is bringing in a month. Money brought in from membership dues and from the store can now easily be separated. Management is now able to see what products are selling and make decisions on how to operate the store for future purchases.

Management also has the ability to meet customer demands in power bar and sport drink selections. Knowing cash inflows can allow management to plan and prepare for future promotions and advertising specials. Forecasts could also be made with cash inflow knowledge to make predictions about the future. Internal Tactile Management Control Membership Usage-Monthly Management needs to have a control on how many people are using our gyms at all times. Although we would like to have as many customers as we could have joined our gym, we do have a limited space inside.

As management we have to ethically follow city and state guidelines for occupancy controls, limiting the number of people inside our facility at any given time. This provides safety for our customers in case of an emergency allowing everyone to safely exit the gym. Internal Strategic Decision Making Class Options-Monthly Decisions need to be made on what classes to offer current customers and also to attract new customers. Classes often fill up due to what is in style or in with a trend. As a gym with limited space, popular classes need to be offered at times when they will be fully optimized by our customers.

These classes not only keep our customers fit and healthy but they also ensure that they are getting their moneys’ worth at our gym with current and relevant classes to meet their varying needs. Tables necessary: Membership Information form: contains all contact info, age, sex, workout times, “member since” date. (Table) Advertising Manager This table allows Advertising Managers to tailor promotions to our current customers. New advertisements and sales could be easily selected to match market trends.

Daily Activity: contains member name, ID and days of week and times that member uses gym. (Query) Operations Manager Operating Managers need to know what machines and services members are using and when they are using them. With this query system management can easily see if any new equipment is needed. New trends can be realized by offering classes that customers want. Checking levels of class attendance allows for proper decisions on what and when to offer a particular class. Management needs to have a control on how many people are using our gym at all times.

Although we would like to have as many customers as we could have joined our gym, we do have a limited space inside. This provides safety for our customers in case of an emergency allowing everyone to safely exit the gym. Member Names and ID: Contains member names and ID numbers (Report) All employees All employees need to be able to check in customers and look up customers on demand. This allows for improved customer service by helping customers more efficiently. The inputs needed for the application. New customer applications will be the source for new contact information.

This information will be enter into the database through the Access database. The database will assign the new customer an ID number for them to be identified in the future. This information will be used to contact the customer to offer promotions and to contact them about their memberships. The daily usage will be updated when the customer uses their membership at the gym. It will display the check-in and check-out times, as well as what if any class they are using that day. This information will be used to improve the class schedule and the hours of operation.

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