Greyfriers nursing home

The staff will need to know about the range of records that must be kept by Greyfriers nursing home. Produce a display to show four different types of records that must be kept by the home. In this task, I am going to explain about the different types of records kept at Greyfriers Nursing Home. Care workers need to be aware of the different types of records that will be kept by care settings and their purpose to comply with the Data Protection Act.

I have listed of records that should be kept below: The four types of records I’m going to talk about that occurs at Greyfriers nursing home is: Why should Greyfriers nursing home should keep accident reports?, this is because doctors, family and friends need to know any incidents that might have happened to the service user. All accidents that occur in Greyfriers nursing home must be recorded. This is done to identify where and how risks arise, and to investigate serious accidents. The report also provides a formal record, so that if there are any consequences as a result of the actions taken. Also if any inspectors’ come to Greyfriers nursing home they would wish to see these records when undertaking inspections. Any severe accidents should be recorded and placed in the service user’s records, accident folder and also in the service user care plan.

Monitoring records: Monitoring records are taken to show the performance of your records and of recordkeeping within the public office. These include: Improvement with the service user and how they are achieving. Planning for new to help the service user become better. In Greyfriers nursing home the care assistant may monitor the records, while in hospitals a nurse may carry out the procedure.

Monitoring involves checking whether the pulse and temperature are at a normal rate. It’s extremely important for a care worker to monitor a service user’s health, it is also important to note down any changes whilst monitoring. There may be improvements or problems towards the service user which need to be noted down immediately. For example the case study on Maggie who is 83 years old and lives in Greyfriers Nursing Home has an infection caused by personal poor bad habits. Greyfriers Nursing Home needs to make sure they monitor Maggie’s records making sure she is improving in her health and decreasing in her habits.

Assessments: At Greyfriers nursing home the assess service users by finding out what the service users needs are and who is best suited to meet these needs. An assessment of need takes place before admission to Greyfriers nursing home. These are the professions care workers that complete the assessment of need in Greyfriers nursing home. For example Grey who is 78 years old and cannot move without help due to a stroke, he may need a nurse to help him with his day to day tasks. Staffs have to move him from his bed to chair and from chair to bed. They also have to assist hi with changing position and bathing. Here Greyfriers Nursing Home have assessed Grey and found out who is best suited for his needs.

Visitor’s logs:

Visitor’s log is records of names of people that have visited a certain patients at Greyfriers nursing home. The visitors log is kept near to the front making sure every person coming in to visit signs this. They are requested to sign in and also sign out before they leave. The main purpose of doing this is for security reasons. Greyfriers nursing home need to know who is on the premises at all times due to if something goes missing or even worse if there is a fire.


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