General Surgeon

What if life can be planned? No thinking on the spot and no instant decisions. Having to make a decision in less than a second that can possibly take someone’s life or further injure them sounds pretty hard, right? T¬hat’s¬¬¬ why I want to be a general surgeon because everything is planned and is a simple basic level surgery. General surgery was the first of its kind in the medical field. As a result, this field has vast amount of history with many new innovations. However, when you have new innovations there comes new intense challenges everyday.

General surgery has been around ever since mankind first invented tools. Before Common Era (B. C. E. ) humans had to learn to adapt to their surroundings, including their bodies and biology. At first surgery was people experimenting with their bodies and adapting to their situation, now it’s turned into much more. A General Surgeon’s job today is to diagnose, examine, pre-treat or treat patients and also prescribe medicine to those in need. General surgeons work mostly in the abdominal area, which may include digestive tract, endocrine system, breast, skin, and blood vessels.

General surgeons usually work in groups of 5 during operation (depending on certain operations), which makes it so each person has a different ranking or higher authority rating. To become a general surgeon you need to get an abundant amount of schooling this includes the following: your high school diploma, Bachelor of Science/Arts (or your choice), 4 year medical degree, 1-3 year internship, a minimal 4 year medical residency, and you must pass all of your medical tests given by the state, and final college test.

There are an abundant amount of innovations in the medical field in general everyday. An innovation can be anything from a new tool such as a scalpel, to a new form of surgery or machine. One relatively new invention is a tool called a laparoscope. A laparoscope is a telescope with an attached camera that makes it easier for operating room personnel to see the patient’s body area that they are working on. Another new surgical procedure that just recently blew up within the past 10 years was a form of surgery called minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery includes less pain, faster healing and little to no noticeable scaring; these innovations make it easier for the doctors to operate by making it quicker, safer and simple to understand and also makes it easier for the patient for faster healing time and a safe trip home. For some people trying not to get hurt is like delaying the inevitable, and there is never a shortage of people in my field. Since there are so many possible people, many don’t have health insurance or simply can’t afford the hospital bills.

Staying one night in a hospital with basic care can cost up to three thousand dollars and a simple visit up to one thousand dollars. Some other challenges according to a doctor of medicine who is a general surgeon (name not disclosed) said “Staying up with the ever changing science of surgery, and keeping focused on my patients when forces like the government and insurance companies try to do something that is not right is the biggest challenge of my job. ” He also stated that he dislikes “taking care of people who have spent a lifetime not taking care of themselves, and having them expect miracles from my care.

” He also said that general surgery has very many rewarding aspects to its profession such as the feeling of “self satisfaction” and “a change of lifestyle, money-wise and mind set. ” Like I stated earlier people are always going to need surgery and the whole medical field has a huge future of continuous advancement and change. One big thing that impacts surgery cost and the doctor’s salary is location. In some states more people have more injuries than others. The location of the operation room will also affect patient range because people go to whatever is convenient for them.

Also some big cities become too costly for some people, which lead patients to move to different cities. If you are good at being a surgeon you can possibly move up in your ranking and become a head surgeon, which means more money and higher management, and more responsibility. Why this career some may ask. I find that helping people in a way that no one else can is a very self for filling and rewarding. General surgeons make a minimum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which also means a change of lifestyle. That includes nice houses, cool cars and trips with the family.

With being a general surgeon I have enough money to support myself and I’ll have some money left over that I can possibly give to charities and make a difference in the world. Being a general surgeon is a very demanding job. People depend on me with their life and their medical situation. The medical field has more innovations than any other field. They also have many new challenges on a day-to-day basis. While I was looking at many different careers I asked myself “what is going to make me happy. ” I truly believe I have found the right career that fits me, my urge to help people and my personality.

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