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My speech is about my favourite football club in the world, Manchester Utd, but known as to some Man Utd or the red devils. Only I and my cousin support Man Utd in my family, the rest aren’t keen on football, they prefer to watch cricket. I support Man Utd due to my favourite footballer plays for them, not because I am a glory hunter as you might say. So try to guess who that footballer is. I give you a clue he’s Welsh, his position on the football pitch is normally attacking left midfield and was born on 29/10/1973.

His name is Ryan Giggs and he is 30 years old. Giggs has played for Man Utd since he was a boy and has scored roughly 115 world-class goals throughout his career for Man Utd. He also plays for his home country Wales and has scored 8 incredible goals for them. Man Utd has a lot of terrific history, but I won’t go into detail so much. Man Utd’s outstanding manager since the football club started is, I think personally Alex Ferguson due to him being voted for the “Best Coach” in Europe in 1999 and making Man Utd win many trophies, leagues and cups.

Ferguson is Scottish and his much-loved football team when he was a lad was Glasgow Rangers. I hope he retires in a long time, so Man Utd have a lot of time to find a first-class manger like him to replace him with. Man Utd play their home games at their very own enormous football stadium called “Old Trafford”. The fans know the stadium as the Theatre of Dreams because you are walking into more than just a football stadium. All of the hopes and dreams of the club have been played in that very own stadium.

I have been to a few of Man Utd’s football matches at Old Trafford and I saw just how big the stadium was. Believe me, it was gigantic and magnificent. The greatest match that I went to see live was Man Utd against Bolton at Old Trafford on 29th January 2002. The match was extremely entertaining and Man Utd won 4:0. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored a brilliant hat-trick and Van Nistelrooy scored the game’s final goal. The astonishing Man Utd match I have ever seen was against Arsenal. At Arsenal’s home ground, Villa Park and it was on Wednesday 14th April 1999.

I was at home glued to the front of the TV, watching the match with excitement. The match was the FA Cup semi-final replay due to the first match they played, ending up to be a draw. The kick-off took place and I saw all ready Man Utd showing off their superb skill. At the 17th minute, Beckham scored a goal and it wasn’t for long until, Bergkamp scored the equaliser for Arsenal. The 90 minutes were up and then the match had been moved to extra time. 5 minutes into the second period of extra time Vieira, one of Arsenal’s midfielders passed the ball across the centre line.

But the ball was intercepted by Giggs and he had quite a bit left to do. He got past Vieira by kicking the ball smoothly through his legs and gaining possession of the ball again, he out ran Dixon with the ball and chipped the ball over Keown’s head. He then flicked the ball over Adams’s head by doing a back heeling kick with the ball in the air. Finally he burst into the box on the left exhaustedly and he smashed the ball with all his force over Seaman as well as into the roof of the net.

Giggs scored the winning goal of the match and I think it was one of his personal best goals in his football career. Also I was pretty delighted Man Utd beat Arsenal and I knew Man Utd were going to win anyway. Honours: Man Utd have won many honours, so this might take a slightly long time. They won the European Champions Clubs Cup in 1968 and 1999. They were the European Cup Winners in 1991. They won the UEFA Super Cup in 1991 and the Inter-Continental Cup in 1999. They won the FA Charity Shield in 1996, 1997, and 2003.

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