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“A recent study shows that 25 percent of adult patients who were convinced to see a doctor after seeing an ad were diagnosed with a medical condition. ” (Tauzin, president and CEO of PHRMA). This is stating that prescription drug ads help people be aware of diseases that are unfamiliar. Although some of these commercials ads are banned in other countries, the countries they aren’t they save a lot of lives. People may think these commercial ads create a lot of controversy because some may think they don’t help but that is untrue because most commercials provide scientifical facts that the FDA check.

Because of the fact that pharmaceutical companies were prohibited from advertising directly to consumers. Creating television ads make it easier for the word to get out about these hidden medical conditions and hidden medical treatments. Although many people also feel these ads don’t help the ads have many positive affects like getting the word out for that drug, creates conversation between doctor and patient, and increases awareness for that disease. Some may argue that commercial ads are bad for people but they get the word out for that prescription drug.

If you are sick or have something wrong with you, you only have a few sources on how to cure your problem. Those sources are the commercial ads, your doctor, the internet, and maybe your previous knowledge. “That’s because there is so much that consumers don’t know about drug treatments. A new report from the Center of Disease Control finds that less than half of HIV positive people are using the drugs necessary to prevent HIV infection from progressing to AIDS and eventually, death. DTC ads for HIV suppressing drugs help to get the word to those missing patients. ” (Calfee).

This quote is explaining that half the people that have HIV, if it wasn’t for commercials wouldn’t know what is out there to help suppress/slow down the disease. Because of all these reasons the commercials ads play an important part in everyday life because they help people find out about prescription drugs. “Certainly the principal purpose of DTC advertising is to help sell products to the pharmaceutical company’s want ads that will be most effective…. DTC ads also prompt recognition of undertreated conditions, increase awareness of drugs potential risks and side effects (pharmaceutical Ads).

This quote is explaining how DTC advertising is used to get the word out for certain drugs. With DTC it makes it easier for the people to find out cures rather than looking all over for one. With the rate of how much people watch TV no one should ever be sick and not know about a cure. Having ads also help with creating conversation between you and your doctor. If you spot an Ad and it seems you have those symptoms; the first thing most people would do is call their doctor.

Calling your doctor creates conversation and you get clarification on something you may have been confused on. After the conversation you may even find out more information that you find important. “According to one study, when asked by patients for a specific advertised drug, doctors prescribe it less than 40 percent of the time. Another 70 percent of time doctors actually prescribe a different drug. (Gattuso). This quote is stating that when a consumer comes up to a doctor and asks for a drug the doctor prescribes a drug they think may work better. Although they are not getting the drug they asked for they are still getting the same results just without knowing it.

Either way the ads are making away for you to talk to your doctor about your health issues. “They destimatize depression as a mental condition, and they tell consumers that their doctors can provide extremely effective treatments. ” (Calfee). This is another quote just explain how talking to your doctor can help with your problems now an in the future tremendously. Lastly, prescription Ads help get the word out not only for that drug but that disease also.

If you are sick you may not know what is causing your sickness, but watching these certain commercial ads you at least get an idea of what the problem may be. When you collect enough info from the commercial you can eventually go to your doctor and get diagnosed and a prescription. “Yet several studies, involves ones about drugs for depression and for high cholesterol levels among other things- indicates that, rather than pump up artificial demands, the ads help identify under diagnosed and undertreated conditions. (Gattuso). This quote is saying exactly that ads help people that have a sickness get cured and find out about medicines that van help them and others.

“No one knows how many lives are saved by those cholesterol drug ads that rouge wives to poster their husbands to stick with the program. ” (Gattuso). This quote is saying that with commercials ds and awareness of unknown drugs being out saves many lives, as I’ve stated before. Even though many people agree with prescription drugs being helpful many others feel differently about that opinion. The opposition may believe that prescription advertisements are bad because they don’t tell you the side effects in the commercials.

Although you may have not noticed that they state the side effects, they do just in a fast ace causing you to miss them. In fact it is illegal for the FDA to allow the commercials to air without any type of side effect being stated or any scientific information added. The opposition may also claim that just because the side effects are shown they still may cause death, but the only reason you would know about death being a side effect is because of you seeing the commercial ad.

While it is certainly true that when people watch commercial ads they may think they have the disease but really don’t, but it is also true that with commercial ads you are satisfied because you find out the cure to your problem without much work. Although there are ways to prove these prescription drug ads are bad for our country, they are more important ways that they can help our country. For all these reasons prescription commercial ads are good because they get the word out for that drug, creates conversation between patient and doctor, and lastly increases awareness for that disease.

Commercial ads for prescription drugs are important because they can save lives of many people who have serious diseases and need and immediate attention of cures. If there weren’t commercial ads how would people find out about the diseases and cures in the world. If you need help you can call your local doctor and ask numerous questions, you can go to a local health center around your neighborhood. You can also call the FDA (301-769-8240). You can make a difference by agreeing to this topic and even finding out info if your friend is sick from and d and providing that friend with info so that they can get help, doing this you may save a life. .

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