Fertility Issues

The cry of babies is generally considered as a good omen in most cultures of the world. Children are often used as a yardstick to determine the productivity of parents. Parents without children are considered not productitive and this often gives them a cause to worry which could lead to other health complications such as health attack, insomnia even sometimes suicide. Research has shown that 10 percent of American coupes within the productive age have problems with conception.

This has been further proved that 30 percent of this problem is from the woman while 30 percent also from the man leaving the rest to unexplainable causes from the couple. A couple is considered infertile if they had been having unprotected sex for more a year without conception. A person’s behavioral attribute whether rigid, simple or otherwise do not necessarily affect their fertility. Most women get worried when they have tried over years to get pregnant without success, but being rigid has no scientific link with fertility.

But to further state a person with high temperament generally referred to as melancholy have a higher chance of witnessing spontaneous abortion. Melancholy is a state of mind, prolonged or habitual of depression, soberness and pensiveness. This does not mean that those with this personality does not conceive, it will require them to consciously be at a relax state. Relaxation has been discovered to aid in treatments of some ailment. Not all infertility is caused by diseases.

Some occur due to the unstable mind (depression) of the couple, most especially the woman. With this, it could be a bit hard to conceive, knowing fully well that the biological composition of the woman has to be at a perfect rest which aid effective performance. This can lead to the production of poor or abnormal eggs which can not sustain pregnancy. It could also lead to irregular ovulation which sometimes comes with heavy bleeding or a total absence of it. It is therefore important to state that productivity starts from a relax and settled mind.

Any couple willing to conceive should create for themselves a relaxed atmosphere and a stable mind as the psychologist will say that the mind is the gateway to the body. Behavioral therapist have achieved greatly through the use of Applied Relaxation (AR). Fertility assessment is the first step towards achieving descried results of conception and safe delivery. There are choices of treatment available to couples that desire to have their children and it starts with the understanding of this treatment and their side effects.

A Doctor should be consulted to draw up a treatment plan after the couple must have studied the various option put before them. There are fertility drugs such as Clomiphene can aid in achieving pregnancy. This is often combined with artificial insemination. It has shown that 20 to 60 women who use this drug with artificial insemination get results but not without the drug’s side effect such as bloating, vaginal dryness, headache and vision imbalance. Others that exist include artificial insemination, reproductive surgery and other laboratory base assistance.

Couple should also have frequent sex, unprotected and we should not overlook the power of the supernatural. This can also be a source of joy for barren couples. Nothing should be left unturned in their quest for pregnancy. The cost of some of this treatment is really on the high side but their success rates are higher than each other. This is because treatments are combined in achieving this quality results not bothered by the cost. Also, a relax state could be the answer to all their troubles.

The woman should especially be a relax mood as much as possible to enable the proper functioning of her body system. Good food with high nutrients should be put on the priority list far above the America junks. Hysterosalpingogram is a form of test in x-ray format done on women to check inside their uterus, fallopian tubes and the surrounding areas. It is often carried out on woman having prgreganacy problem. This is done to check bad uterus and damaged tubes that might be hindering pregnancy. Sometimes the dye used in this process (a contract material) pushes through the blocked tubes.

It also finds out the injury, abnormal shape of the uterus, foreign objects and any other alien material residing the body. In preparing for this test, there are important things you must tell your doctor and bring his attention to them. This is important to note because some of the equipment used in this test might damage some internal organs of the patient. It is very important to tell the Doctor if there is any kidney history problem as dye used in this process can cause kidney failure in people with weak kidney functioning. The Doctor also has to know whether the woman is pregnant or might be.

It is usually done 2-5 days after menstrual period has ended to be sure there is no pregnancy and also before she ovulates the next month to avoid using x-ray on early pregnancy. During the test a sedative is given to relax the patient and avoid cramping during the test. There may be leakages during this test. Therefore it is important that the patient goes to the Hospital with napkins. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes. After the test the woman should refrain from the use of douche and avoid sex for about two week to reduce the level of infection.

There can also be the incidence of call or tissues damage and exposure to low level of radiation use for the test. In conclusion, fertility is a problem that cut across and there are been development in this area most especially in the aspect of medications and treatment. Hope is not lost until we give it up. There is still hope. Reference: • Gordon, B. (2006, August) Fertility Treatment. www. babycenter. com • Healthwise, Incorporated. (1995-2007) Hysterosalpingogram. www. webmd. com

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