Family-Centered Care in ICN

The article is basically about the different weaknesses and successes experienced by health care systems that other institutions that would want to shift their perspective may want to consider. From the beginning and throughout the period of research, centers were at different places for all the PBPs. Of the eleven health centers, seven readjusted their vision and philosophy of care statements regarding family-centered care.

They also incorporated the vision and philosophy in their performance appraisals, the hiring of new staff members, and changing the unit culture to a more family-centered care were more difficult than actually constructing the statements. Full parent participation in are requires unlimited access to the NICU or neonatal intensive care unit. This means that parents would no longer be considered as visitors but as essential partners of the caregivers in caring for their child. The shift towards a family-centered approach was more difficult to the centers that have stricter visitation policies (Moore, et al. , 2003).

In considering the ethical implications of this particular article, one should look at the effects of adopting a family-centered care to the health care professionals, the patients and their families. How would it affect the duties and responsibilities of medical professionals, the family of patients and the administrators of health institutions? The article, entitled Implementing Potentially Better Practices for Improving Family-Centered Care in Neonatal Intensive Care Units: Successes and Challenges shall be placed under Systematic Inquiry.

First of all, this would look at the title of the article by aiming to answer the question: was the title of the article a good one? The title of the article is basically well constructed in a sense that it gives its readers an idea, or even ideas of what this research is all about. It showed that it would be dealing with the successes and challenges that neonatal intensive care units faced as they redesign their health care system into something that is more focused and centered on the family, realizing its importance in giving care to their patients.

It is also well constructed in a sense that it guarantees its readers that this article is worth reading; that it would definitely provide all the information one needs in researching about the family-centered care systems. Secondly, it would look into the abstract of the paper. Was it able to clearly summarize the main features of the article? The abstract, though written in a very detailed manner lacks the necessary information one needs.

The portion of the abstract that was labeled as objective did not really state the objective of the article. Instead, it stated that the particular research would focus on the ratings made by multidisciplinary teams form 11 medical center neonatal intensive care units that worked hand in hand for an improvement project that focused on family-centered care. Obviously, the objective of the research paper was not included in the abstract, yet a portion of it was labeled ‘objective (O’Reilley, 2007). ’

In addition to this, the abstract failed to mention the significance of the study, going into the methods used in the research after citing the supposed objective of the paper. The abstract, being the first part of the paper should be enticing its readers to give attention to the article, by giving them a sneak peek of what the article shall be talking about. In the same manner, it should be justifying why it is worth a reader’s time. Thus, the abstract should be mentioning a sentence or two, even more of how significant the study is.

Likewise, the abstract of the paper should also give its readers a little bit of information about the theoretical and conceptual framework by which the paper would operate. It seems that this again is lacking in the abstract of the …

Throughout this study, several sources of knowledge shall be used in order to conduct a systematic inquiry regarding Family Centered Care. To access sources of knowledge a person can do the following. To obtain knowledge from a client one can …

A Summary of the article: Implementing Potentially Better Practices for Improving Family-Centered Care in Neonatal Intensive Care Units: Successes and Challenges Multidisciplinary teams from eleven different medical center neonatal intensive care units worked together to rate a quality improvement project …

At the same time, physicians may also be facing several disadvantages of family-centered rounds. First of all, family rounds take more time than the traditional way of giving the information to the parents through the conference room. Second, the physicians …

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