Factors that positively affect health and well-being

Stimulating work involves a job/career that allows a person to use their expertise to develop new skills and knowledge. Emma recently started work as a dental nurse; she enjoys working here because of the other colleagues she works with and the challenges she is sometimes faced with. Emma has applied to go to college later on this year, she wants to gain the qualifications that are suitable for the job that she has now, so that eventually she will be able to promote to the best of her ability.

Emma’s job motivates her and stimulates her mind because she comes across different situations and problems everyday and she is engaged in activity of some sort almost all the time during her time at work. She has to prepare the dentists equipment, chemicals such as pastes and injections for each patient, and after each patient she has to disinfect all tools and equipment thoroughly, she also has to book appointments and arrange treatments for all the patients and has to cash the intake of money at the end of each day.

Physical It affects her physically by keeping her moving around and not sat about all day, this keeps her mind off eating junk food, this way she is burning calories and avoiding pointless intake of calories. It also provides her with financial security; her income is suitable which allows her to afford luxuries alongside her essentials. Intellectual It affects her intellectually by keeping her mind stimulated because she has to concentrate all the time and she is constantly developing new skills and expanding her knowledge because she is dealing with different patients with different problems everyday.

Emotional It would affect her emotionally by making her feel she is respected by her colleagues and people at home for having a job and contributing to the community. She would feel she has a purpose and that she has a role in life. It gives her day a routine, so giving her confidence and self-esteem. Social It affects her socially by providing her with new friends from work. They also do team-building outings occasionally; Emma is therefore meeting with other colleagues from dentists around the UK and having time to socialise with them. Her working hours are usually 8 – 5/6, this gives her time to see her family, boyfriend and other friends after work.

Adequate financial resources Income is the amount of money that comes into our home; an adequate income is enough money or more than enough money to finance bills and the necessities of life. Through working as a dental nurse, Emma receives a decent wage each month. This allows Emma to afford luxuries on top of the essentials that she needs. Having a stable income allows us to be relieved from stress on this subject, it means our needs can be met therefore we are happier and carefree.

Physical Emma’s income not only allows her to afford her basics such as petrol for her car, car insurance and tax etc, but also allows her to afford her luxuries, such as holidays, nice clothes and other nice things she wants. Emma recently began swimming regularly; her adequate income is what allows her to do this, therefore keeping her body in good shape. Emma does not need to buy her food because her mum does; her mum is able to buy good food for a suitable diet because she also receives an adequate income. It also allows Emma to have her regular check ups at the dentist, although she is not at a private dentist she is over 18 and therefore has to pay.

Intellectual Through receiving an adequate income, Emma can afford to buy books and other things to stimulate her mind. She also has a laptop with the Internet; this will be useful for research and coursework when she goes to college. Emotional Knowing that she has an appropriate income every month, Emma has no need to worry and more reason to be emotionally stable and satisfied with herself. Having no income or not very much could start to make us feel depressed and unworthy.

Social Having an appropriate income allows Emma to go out for meals with friends or family, or go to the cinema, or other social activities. It also allows her to go out into town on a weekend with her boyfriend friends and family. Supportive relationships A supportive relationship involves the love, care and support from those around you. Supportive relationships affect our health and well-being in a very positive way, having the love and support from people around us gives us confidence and makes us feel better about ourselves. Emma has a close relationship with her family, boyfriend and friends; she sees them all nearly everyday and very rarely has arguments with them.

Physical Having supportive relationships gives Emma the confidence to go out, going out, to work or places with friends keeps Emma moving around, burning calories. It also stops Emma from comfort eating, because she is happy and doesn’t need to. Intellectual Having supportive friends and family gives Emma the boost and confidence to go to work and do well. She can concentrate on her job and what she has to do instead of worrying about family problems or feeling she has no one.

Emotional Having friends, family and her boyfriend to do things with keeps Emma occupied so she isn’t very often bored or feeling down. Having their love and support affects Emma’s self-image positively, which would also affect her self esteem; making her feel better about herself. Social The support from Emma’s friends and family gives her the confidence to go out during social activities etc, this way she can meet new people. It gives her the boost to go to work, where she will also have met new people.

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