Extremely safe to the health

According to my views a permanent solution for these sexual problems for the youngsters is that they not involve in such intercourse activities that would lead to pregnancy. This method is known as continues abstinence. This method is totally safe as there is no need of using any birth control methods or taking any oral contraception. This method prevents from STD’s and STI’s. Unlike the other birth control methods, this process proves to be extremely safe to the health.

The females must know which days of the month would be the most effective days to get pregnant. According to the doctors the most effective period for pregnancy is from five days before egg formation to two days after that. If the women have knowledge regarding their ovulation, then they can prevent themselves from involving in activities such as sexual intercourse or they can use any birth control methods during such periods of fertility. This method requires a constant and a keen observation of the ovulation period. According to the doctors women should use more than one method to have an accurate observation during the fertile period. This method is useful for counting the length of the menstrual cycle.

These days due to the exposure of the movies and certain sites on internet the youngsters are attracted to early age sex. They are very keen to enter in such activities. But these teenagers are unaware of the problems due to unsafe sex. In long run these teenagers face the problems such as vaginal cancer, syphilis, AIDS etc.

In the case of teenage girls they loose their virginity in the early ages which is against our Indian ethics because in the country like India has not gone so forward which would allow such things to take place. There are cases were the teen have sex with their partners wherein they indulge in unsafe intercourse. At such a point it becomes necessary for the lady to take emergency birth control method which would prevent them from pregnancy.

Many researches are going on to develop better birth controls for men and women. Methods such as surgical fertilization for men and tube fertilization for women are developed for preventing pregnancy. They are also known as permanent method of birth control. But one draw back of these above mention methods is that it does not give any protection against STI’s. Surgical fertilization is done by performing a small surgery. In this surgery the ducts carrying these sperms to the penis is cut off and the ends are tied up. Tubal fertilization is a bit difficult surgery, which is done under the effect of general or local anesthesia. In this method the fallopian tubes are cut down and tied. This method is really very effective in preventing pregnancy. The reversible methods of surgical fertilization are also under investigation.

Birth control methods or contraceptives in a way are very helpful in giving protection against unwanted pregnancies and unsafe sex. It also gives protection against many Sexual transmitted diseases but I feel that due to the easy availability of birth control like condoms and pills, the teens feel very safe and they indulge in various sex activities. These contraceptives are used for protection against disease and not for the sake of enjoyment. The teens must understand the values and the importance of their culture that their parents have given them and not to misuse the freedom given to them.

Today in India there are many people who die due to AIDS. This is generally seen in the poor people who are utterly unaware about these problems. They might not even know what contraceptives are. Most of the people don’t know about it because of the less advertisements and the very little knowledge people have about it, that’s why its not been used in India.

Communication gap between the children and the parents don’t allow them to talk freely about Sex. Again in country like India parents generally don’t discuss sex with their children, this is all because of the Indian culture which doesn’t allow one to talk about this issue freely. Therefore there is a communication gap between the parents and the child but now because of media and television Indian’s are getting to the sensitivity of the problem and hope will find the solution quickly. To educate such people regarding the disease like AIDS and to give them the knowledge regarding birth control is very necessary. I feel that the government should make some plans were in they can educate such people. Educated people like us should go to the villages and spread the knowledge of sex diseases by showing the visuals and distributing pamphlets.

According to me people should use contraceptives so that we can enjoy a safe sex without getting infected by any STD’s. But it is of course necessary to keep our selves away from the sex related disease. To have a safe sexual life with the partner it is very necessary that both the partners are loyal to each other regarding their sex activities and sex life. The STD’s could be very well avoided by not having many partners for sex. A person having sexual contacts with more than one person is more likely to get infected by STD’s. This happens because the person might not know whether his partner is infected by any sexual disease or not. At such a point the use of contraceptive like condom proves to be very helpful.

In conclusion, I think it is better to abstain from sex rather than indulge in it or use contraception to be on the safe side, emotional trauma and live in fear of catching STDs or other diseases. It is easy to have sex but after knowing of problems after having sex it does not seem such a good thing even with using various contraceptives. Abstinence till marriage and use of contraceptives to have a planned pregnancy make more sense to me. I am sure if more and more people are educated through various media about sex, contraceptives and their effectiveness they to would have responsible sex, healthier relationships, more joy in their lives.

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