Ergogenic Aids

During the first day of Kim’s recorded diet the water intake has one pint above RNI this is not an issue as excess will be urinated out, so essentials the RNI was met, as it was on the second day when 8 pints of water were drank, but after that Kim chose not to drink any water, meaning that the only water she will have consumed is waters present in her foods.

Which on average add up to around 1-2 pints, either way Kim has neglected her fluid intake, Kim does exercise but no regularly or frequently, she walks to college everyday and participate in college run sport during lessons which ranges from 1-3 times a week and usually on lunchtimes too. So on days that Kim exercises she should have her RNI of water plus around another half a pint, as her exercise is usually not maximal. Ergogenic Aids

When exercising Kim will lose fluids and will use other substances such as calcium that are involved in muscle contractions, isotonic drinks may benefit Kim as she is very light and has a low body fat, replacing fluids lost and other substances will avoid her needing to burn more body fat for energy to avoid her losing too much weight and becoming dangerously light, while allowing her to exercise and become fitter and better at the sports she participates in.

Special clothing may also help her to exercise such as breathable polymer clothing that keep her cool, to help her concentrate on the activity and make her feel more comfortable, this can actually improve performance as if Kim felt more comfortable she would not be distracted from the sport she is playing. Supplementation Vitamin and mineral supplements; Kim almost always missed her RNI of Vitamin B1, it is not a serious amount but it is hard for Kim to get her RNI of vitamin b1 due to her low calorie intake.

So supplementation could be used so that Kim’s intake of food can be more efficiently used for energy during exercise, which will help Kim maintain her weight, and also maintain her cardio-vascular system and nervous system. On 6 out of the 7 days of the diet Kim was under the RNI for vitamin C sometimes by a significant amount, as far as I know Kim has shown no signs of a deficiency; low resistance to infection, slow healing of wounds, you easily bruise, and can get bleeding gums and dental cavities.

So I think that no supplements should be given, but if it Kim continues to find it hard to get her RNI each day then supplements of vitamin C should be given. Kim also had a habit of missing her RNI for sodium during her recorded diet only in this case 5 out of the 7 days she was above the RNI this is not really an issue as any excess sodium will be excreted from the body, Kim gained most of her sodium from the meat products she eats.

Protein supplements; I feel these will not be necessary for Kim as it is possible for her to gain enough protein though her diet and her exercise regime is not a muscle-building regime. Protein supplements are best used for athletes that find it hard to gain enough protein through their diet to maintain and improve there muscle mass. They also in no way would benefit her sport performance. Ross Wood Fluid Feeding Form days 1 to 4 of Ross’ recorded diet he met the RNI for water.

And on day 7 exceeded it by 2 pints. On days 5 and 6 Ross did not meet the RNI. Apart from days 5 and 6 Ross will have kept himself hydrated. On day 4 Ross had rugby for two hours, so drinking 7 pints would be sufficient to keep him hydrated. On the other hand on day 5 Ross played netball for one hour but neglected his water intake by drinking no water at all, which is not a good idea especially on a day that you exercise as sweating will cause you lose fluids and not replacing them at all will dehydrate you.

All the advice I give to Ross in regards to fluids is to make sure that he drinks water also on the days he exercises, other wise his water intake is fine. Ergogenic Aids Ross plays rugby so a lot of muscular strength is required so that he can hold his on the field, parachute running may help him to gain more muscular strength in the active muscles during a run so that he can run against a resistance of people trying to tackle him down the extra muscle mass that would be gained in his legs would also increase his inertia and make it harder for people to tackle him to the ground.

Other mechanical aids that could be useful for Ross are uphill and downhill running as uphill running will further increases his strength and down hill running will increase his speed. Isotonic drinks this will help Ross to maintain weight and inertia and keep him hydrated and energised while playing rugby. Since isotonic drinks quickly diffuse into the blood stream to keep his muscles fuelled body fat will not need to be burned so that he can maintain weight and inertia. Supplementation Vitamin and mineral supplements;

Ross had missed his RNI of vitamin B1 and C all week during his recorded diet. Missing his RNI of vitamin B1 will make his exercise very inefficient as B1 serves to Thiamine plays a role in converting the food you consume into energy for you to use during exercise. So in theory with out vitamin B1 Ross’s energy consumption would go to waste during exercise and could be turned into body fat making all of Ross’s sporting movements less efficient. It also aids the cardio-vascular and nervous system by helping them to function to optimum capacity.

But it is easy enough to get vitamin B1 from the diet a new diet for Ross would serve to give him his RNI of vitamin B1 so I think no supplements are needed for B1 Vitamin C serves to Helps to heal, produce blood cells, strengthen tissues, fight bacteria and regulates cholesterol Ross missed most of the days his RNI for Vitamin C, but he shows no signs of deficiency; low resistance to infection, slow healing of wounds, easily bruise, and can get bleeding gums and dental cavities.

So it is not a significant amount that he is missing his RNI by. But Ross doe not have a heightened RNI for vitamin C so the RNI’s can be obtained through his diet but some serious changes will be needed. Protein supplements; Ross does need a lot of muscle mass to effectively increase strength and inertia for his rugby games, but he does not need to take supplements as his need for muscle mass does not surpass how much protein he can gain in a day through his diet.

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