Emotional and psychological rehabilitation

With the continuous growth and development of the American Red Cross and its establishment since its approval through Barton’s efforts, it has been regarded as one of the most significant contributors to public health. This is for the obvious reason that the organization advocates for life and humanity. Moreover, the American Red Cross values the health and wellbeing of the public, as seen by the implementation of programs such as the public health nursing programs. All their efforts were geared towards educating the people in order to maintain their health and safety.

With the introduction of the first aid, people are made aware of how to treat and address emergencies and other medical conditions that need prompt and proper health care attention. (American Red Cross) The humanitarian causes and social consciousness that the American Red Cross have established as an image have drawn millions of supporters who aid the organization in serving the people through monetary donations and actual assistance during national, and even international missions.

There are thousands of people who became members of the organization, who act as volunteers during disasters, calamities, and wars. Not only was the organization concentrating on present members of the army, but they are also focusing on war veterans. (American Red Cross) At present, several expansions and developments were made to the organization. Aside from the blood bank, the American Red Cross has also established a tissue bank through thorough research in biometrics.

The organization also continues to grow with the changes in society as it exerts great efforts to address emerging concerns in public health, such as HIV/AIDS, even included to their disaster relief program the need for emotional and psychological rehabilitation, and continues to assist government organizations who are in line with the American Red Cross’s missions and objectives. (American Red Cross) People do not need to conduct research or to analyze what the Barton and the organization that she helped to establish in the country have contributed to public health.

During her time, Barton was passionate about helping those people who need assistance. Although the kind of help she was offering leaned more on health and wellbeing of the people, she also tapped their emotional and psychological needs. Through her efforts, she has helped an outsized part of the public, and is continuing to help society through the American Red Cross. Without her efforts of petitioning in Congress and the White House for the establishment of Red Cross in the country, the contributions of the organization would not make it to history.

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She helped build an organization that obtained as a mission public health service. The organization evolved from assisting casualties of war, to survivors of calamities and disasters. It went beyond territory and assisted the American army fighting in foreign lands. Barton was selfless, as she was more concerned with the health and well-being of the people. She put up an organization that is grounded on the needs and concerns of the people. Not only did she simply establish an organization, but she was able to encourage other countries to adapt the concept of the Red Cross as well.

With the changes through time and the strong foundation that Barton built for the American Red Cross, the organization continues to evolve in order to remain the sole provider of public health information and safety. The organization continues to look for ways in order to improve public health, not only in the country but also all over the world. The organization have conducted several missions in far-fetched places such as poverty-stricken Africa, casualties of war in some parts of Asia, veterans who fought during the Korean, Vietnam wars, etc., continuous research for HIV/AIDS, and other incurable diseases, and the list goes on and on. It seems like Barton established an organization that is growing on its own, and its progress is simply geared to concentrate on public health.


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